Tuesday 24 November 2009

Climate Change - Where to spend the money now

Now that the climate change con has been exposed - the challenge now is to direct money in to solving the real problem, human over population in the developing world.

The billions that would have been wasted on climate change must be spent on a new project - imposing sustainable population level policies on over populated parts of the planet.

For instance - this implies that both developed and developing nations must abide by policies that require population numbers be linked with sustainable agricultural and environmentalism. For instance, England must be prohibited from having any more immigrants enter it and a policy of national agricultural and energy self sufficiency be imposed upon Great Britain.

There must also begin immediate repatriation for all illegal immigrants and illegal entrants.

Great Britain must adopt a model of National Autarchy as far as possible in essential products such as food, water, energy, military equipment and essential industrial and medical services, and population levels must be pegged on sustainability.

Noe more immigrants must be allowed to enter the West, for immigration acts an incentive to breed. Food aid feeds the useless breeders of the planet and immigration exploits their reproductive irresponsibility.

Development aid and food aid must be linked with programmes of population reduction.


This process will occur smoothly or with catastrophic results.

The fertility rates of the plammeting anyway - but we still cannot avoid the coming population crunch when food, water, resource wars and human numbers clash.

All we can do is prepare for the coming crisis now.

Now that the lie of climate change has been revealed, we can concentrate on the real problem - which is that we create news form of Ecological Nationalism which replace the conventional nationalist model and that links the land and people into an organic unity. This Green Nationalism will thereby ensure the future National Security interests and environmental sustainability of the nation state in order to ensure the survival of future generations of our people.

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1 comment:

Sammie Hall said...

One good option is to legislate 'tax direction choice'.

After certain, core govt obligations are met, a portion of tax revenue is 'discretionary'.

Each taxpayer could choose the 'direction' of his tax--what he wanted to fund.

You could offer 10 or so catagories, one of which is 'foreign aid'. Then we'd see how many really wanted to fund it.

A domestic version of this is lottery tickets that are catagory-specific. Instead of the govt deciding where to spend the lottery funds, the purchaser of the ticket decides, as in a buyer saying to the shopkeeper: "Give me an 'extra help for the elderly' and an 'Arts & Culture' lottery ticket".