Saturday 28 November 2009

Media Cover Up More Muslim Violence

On Channel 4 news last night Lord Pearson of UKIP said that the growing numbers of Muslims in the UK due to breeding, immigration and conversion was a real problem for Britain, then two seconds later said that 98 % of muslims were a benefit to British society.

The man is an idiot.

At least Slimy Nigel was a good snake oil salesman, this guy is a gibbering fool.

UKIP anti-Islamism is a merely a con to undermine the BNP vote for their Zionist masters.

Here we see an example of enrichment in action, which was Muslim youths attacking families at a Christmas lights switch on according to the comments on the article and elsewhere on the internet.

Can you imagine the media dogs howls of rage if an Eid festival had been attacked by whites or Christians ;

Eggs and bottles thrown at police after High Wycombe Christmas Lights event

10:04am Friday 20th November 2009

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This story was updated at 2pm.

EGGS and bottles were thrown at police officers and a police van was damaged in violent scenes after the Christmas lights switch on in High Wycombe last night.

Three juveniles from the High Wycombe area were arrested for alleged public disorder offences following the incident, which witnesses say started in Church Street at around 9pm.

A window of the McDonalds restaurant in the High Street was also smashed, in an incident Superintendent Paul Emmings called “disappointing” following the successful star-studded lights switch on in Frogmoor.

He said: “The event itself passed without incident and it was only afterwards that a small number of young people decided to fight.

“It’s very disappointing they set out to ruin a family event but it’s also a real credit to my officers that they managed to keep control of large crowds, the majority who were not involved in fighting, and dispel the incident very quickly.

“We are continuing to investigate and we will be reviewing CCTV from the event. Anyone identified as being involved in public disorder will be arrested.”

Wycombe Wanderers stewards are believed to have helped police restrain the crowds.

The three arrested youths have been released on bail until Thursday. Contact police on 08458 505 505 with any information.

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