Monday 30 November 2009

Enrichment Birmingham Style

From this ....

To this .....

In just over fifty years Britain has gone from the Bevin Boys to the Burger Boys.

Screw multi-culturalism.

Birmingham gang warn about becoming Taliban suicide bombers

Nov 30 2009 by Ben Goldby, Sunday Mercury

GUN-toting members of a new Birmingham teenage gang are boasting about becoming suicide bombers, it was claimed last night.

The chillingly named Bang Bang Taliban have told community workers they want to dominate the city’s gangland – and that they would gladly be “martyred” as Islamist terrorists.

The gang, thought to be linked to the notorious Burger Bar Boys, mainly consists of Asian youngsters from the Handsworth area.

“They’re threatening rivals with violence and talking about becoming suicide bombers,” said one community worker, who asked not to be named. Their affiliation is with the Burgers, and nine out of 10 of their members will start off as couriers and runners for the bigger gangs.

“It’s a real shock to hear them talking about suicide bombings and grinning about it.

‘‘We have to educate these boys and get into the schools to help stop them getting involved. Someone is influencing these youths, someone is getting them involved in this.”

A group calling themselves The Bang Bang Taliban have posted rapping videos about gang life on the YouTube website.

In the songs, the singers boast about shooting rivals, using knives on other gang members and carrying out armed robberies.

The group’s videos have also attracted comments from Handsworth Police.

Last week, we revealed that West Midlands Police was using social networking sites and YouTube to politely convince gangsters to hand over their weapons.

Under the Bang Bang Taliban video Handsworth cops wrote: “Birmingham Reducing Gang Related Violence has spearheaded the work dealing with the issues surrounding gangs in Birmingham, with the aim of reducing gang related violence. Stop the guns, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

The force posted similar messages under another gang video in which youths brandished shotguns and warned rivals they would ‘blow their heads off’.

Last night a West Midlands Police spokesman said that work to reduce gang violence remained a priority.

“Officers visit sites like YouTube on a regular basis and use their popularity to engage with young people,” he said.

Chief Superintendent Tom Coughlan claimed earlier this month that Birmingham’s two most notorious gangs, the Burgers and the Johnson Crew could be wiped out within a few years.

But Dr Derrick Campbell, a government advisor on gangs and chief executive of Race Equality Sandwell, said he was sceptical.

“In my view, this statement is strangely naive,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

"“Officers visit sites like YouTube on a regular basis and use their popularity to engage with young people,” he said."

Reminds me of a poster outside a tube station out near wembley which read "street thieves operate in this area".

Why not just have a bloody great big cop outside the police station with a warning sign next to him with a picture of a large truncheon saying street thieves will be dealt with.

"use their popularity" WTF???

why doesn't the police post messages on their sites stating "we're coming to get you", and then later that evening a few of the gang members go missing.

but then again, this is hte PC liberal west and we have to be sensitive towards tehm.

BNP, for god's sake, get in power ASAP

Anonymous said...

Lee, Pete Doherty the darling of the "hope not hate" crowd is to be prosecuted after singing the far right verse from the German national anthem, he was then thrown off stage but not before he threw his mic at the concert's organiser.

The far left's champion musician is exposed as a far right supporter!

We gotta spread this news event everywhere.

What with muslim Warsi getting egged by muslims for not being muslim enough and marxist Doherty being kicked off stage for singing a far right song, this truly has been a bloody brilliant news day.

Adrian Peirson said...

On a more positive note, while you were not looking Nick Griffin became PM and was invited by Brittania Space to initiate the Braking that set Britain's Mimas probe in orbit around the moon.

This represents the third succesful space mission by Brittania Space since it's inception by the British National Party on gaining power.

What do you mean you didn't know, what planet are you living on, all that EU, Immigration, Deindustrialisation stuff has been a bad dream.

It's on the News so it must be true

This post is a suggestion, as well as the regular stuff which although necesary is very depressing, why not have on the main BNP or on one of the other ( or a new ) Blog, a sort of 'What if' News.

To give people some Idea of what a country that is proud of itself is all about, because currently, they have no idea ( which is all by design of course ).

People have a tendancy to move away from pain and towards pleasure.

We all know what this country and its people can achieve, the trouble is, they don't know.

Show them and they will most likely say.....'I'll have some of that'

Well, that's my suggestion anyway, I was just depressed by all the bad news.......

PS the Animation was made using Blender

So, If anyone fancies building a New Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier and support flotilla.

The Raf are badly in need of new Aircraft and the Army too could do with some new kit.

British Airways might want some new British designed and built Aircraft.

If the Govt wont give it to them, maybe we should.

Anywat, the purpose of the post is to suggest giving people an Idea of what a Proud Sovereign Britain can be like again, remind them of what we are losing.