Thursday 26 November 2009

The Killer Blow For The Red Tory Phillip Blond

I have discovered the killer flaw in the theory of the Red Tory Phillip Blond and Camerons plans to create a new 'Charity State' - which is that there are tens of thousands of charities for non-whites but just ONE charity for the indigenous whites and English.

In effect the plans of Cameron to pour tax money into charities is Directly Racist against whites and will result in the mass impoverishment and social alienation of indigenous whites and the white English.

A charity can only provide services to those groups it has been set up to assist, but in the case of charities for the indigenous British white community and the English - there is just one charity.

This means that Cameron must loosen the legislation that regulates how charities exist in order to allow thousands of new ethno-specific charities to be set up to assist white people, the white British and the white English or else our people will be left impoverished and abandoned.

This means that the idea of Red Tory are total rubbish - phillip blond says that multi-culturalism has fractured society, yet he wants to retain all the ethno-specific charities of the existing multi-cultural system but will not allow new charities to provide services for whites, the white British and white English.

Therefore either all the existing ethno-specific charities are all banned or the law allows tens of thousands of new charities to be set up to assist the white people who have no charitiable bodies to assist them.

Therefore if they do not ban all the existing ethno-specific charities, then the process of multi-cultural social fragmentation must be increased in order to create more ethno-specific white only charities.

Therefore his entire plan makes no sense - and we all know that Cameron will never allow white only charities to be set up to assist white people for fear of being called racist.

This means Cameron is preparing to totally abandon the whites, the White British and the White English.

The Charity Commission has approximately 159,600 registered charities, although it should be noted that this figure is fairly volatile due to the registration of excepted charities and removal of inactive charities.

Around 15,500 charities have ticked the code ‘for people of a particular ethnic or racial origin’, however many are excluded from the research since they only operate abroad. There are about 6,860 charities identified that operate within the nations of England and Wales.

The top ten most charity represented ethnic / racial origin groups (based on the number of charities) is as followed...

Jewish about 1200
African 673
Bangladeshi / Bengali 417
Asian 331
Somali 215
India 209
Caribbean 198
Chinese 164
Black 144*
Pakistani 92

*the EHRC have been informed of this category term (i.e. Black) due to the concern that it may violate the Race Relations Act 1976, which is believed to prohibit the use of skin-colour as a means of distinguishing beneficiaries.

Naturally many of these categories overlap, for example ‘African’ and ‘Somalia’, but never-the-less the list does provide a crude understanding towards the representation groups receive.

The purpose of charities is to work for the benefit and interests of their target group. As the full table shows, the English are not even listed (meaning that there are under ‘10’ throughout England and Wales), which indicates that they are not ethnically well represented on a specific basis. This is both surprising and unfortunate since it implies that the largest ethnic group is disenfranchised and potentially neglected.

Listed below are a small selection of the ethnic charities in the UK.

Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble
Africa Advocacy Foundation
Africa Educational Trust
African & African Caribbean Peoples Advisory Group
African & Caribbean Elders
African & Caribbean Evangelical Alliance
African Caribbean Association
African Caribbean Development Forum,
African Caribbean Family Mediation
African Caribbean Initiative
African Caribbean Leadership Council
African Caribbean Women's Development Centre
African Community Development Trust
African Community Welfare Association (ACWA)
African Cultural Association
African Education and Training Institute (AETL)
African Families Support Services
African Forum
African HIV Policy Network
African Refugees Project
African Schools Association
African United Action Front
African Welfare & Immigration Advisory Centre
African Welfare and Resource Centre
African Welfare Organisation
African Youth Organisation
African Youths Initiative- Ikemba
Africans and Desecendants Counselling Services
Afro Caribean Centre Ltd
Anglo-Chinese Arts Council
Anglo-Indian Circle
Angolan Civic Communities Alliance
Angolan Women's Alliance
Angolan Youth Alliance
Arhag H.A Refugee / Migrant Forum
Arhag Housing Association Ltd and Migrant Development Forum
Ashanti Associates
Asian Deaf Women's Association
Asian Time; Caribbean Times; African Times
Asian Youth & Social Club
Asian Youth Forum
Asians in Tower Hamlets
Association of Black Planners
Banga Bandhu Society London
Bangladesh British Chamber of Commerce
Bangladeshi Regeneration Network Trust
Barako International
Barnet Asians Old People Association
Bengali Community Education Centre
Bengali Cultural Association
Bengali Workers Association
Bexley Afro-Caribbean Community Association
BIRS/African Caribbean Business Database
Black & Minority Association in Disability
Black & Minority Ethnic Residents Group
Black & Asian Women's Network
Black Advisors - London Underground Black Workers Group
Black African Labour Committee
Black and Ethnic Minority Business Federation
Black and Minority Ethnic Health Forum
Black and Proud at SOAS
Black British Heritage Group
Black Business Association
Black Christians Civic Forum
Black Comedy Club Ltd.
Black Cultural Archives
Black Environment Network
Black Perspectives in Volunteering Group (BPVG Ltd)
Black Section London fire and Emergency Authority
Black Society of Lawyers - Student Members
Black Training and Enterprise Group
Black Women & Europe Network
Black Women Mean Business
Black Women's Health Project
Black Women's Mental Health Project
Black Women's Mental Health Projects
Black Workers Group- Horizon Housing Group
Black Youth & Community Workers Association
Brent Indian Association (BIA)
British Ethnic Broadcasting Association
British Muslim Association of Merton
Bromley Refugee Network ( BRN)
Camden Black Sisters
Camden Chinese Community Centre
Camden Health & Race Group
Camden Racial Equality Council
Centre for Armenian Information & Advice
Centre for Filipinos
Chinese Community Centre
Chinese Cultural Centre
Chinese Information and Advice Centre
Croydon Black youth workers grou
East London Black Women's Organisation
Eritrean Education & Publication Trust
Esan Community Association
Ese-oghene Associates
Ethiopian Advice and Information Bureau,
Ethiopian Advice and Support Centre
Ethnic Alcohol Counselling in Hounslow
Ethnic Community Service
Ethnic Media Group
Ethnic Minorities & Travellers Achievement Project (Brent Education Authority)
Ethnic Minority Advocacy Group
Ethnic Minority Enterprise Project Ltd & Brick Lane Business Association
Fifty Plus Elderly Asian Group
National Black Alliance-London
National Black Police Association
National Black Students Alliance
National Black Students Association
National Black Women's Network
National Coalition of Black Volunteering
National Convention of Black Teachers
Somali Advice Bureau
Somali Bravanese Welfare Association in Barnet
Somali Community Organisation in Barnet
Somali Education and Training Agency
Somali Project
Somali Project for Education & Training (SOMPET)
Somali Welfare Centre
Somali Women Association
South Asian Association
South Asian Literature & Arts Archive (SALIDAA)
South London Black Women in Business
South London Congolese Association
Southwark Action for Voluntary Organisations
Southwark Black and Minority Ethnic Tenants Organisation
Southwark Black Mentor Scheme
Southwark Black Women's Centre

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