Monday 16 November 2009

The Tory Bribe to Murdoch Revealed

Now we know why Murdoch is supporting the Tories - the tories have promised more media deregulation to allow Murdoch to buy up more local papers and consolidate his death grip on our national democracy by allowing international media corporations to control our country and society.

Tory scum traitors.

This will allow the international media corporations to dominate nations at the same time as the globalists are building their global networks - so the media can now lie to us from the level of the local paper and to the national networks like ITV - and with the Tories in power expect the BBC to be forced to obey them as well.

That is the death of democracy, for the media decide elections not the people.

The people merely vote for whoever the media tell them to vote for and who not to vote for.

Cross-media ownership rules, which prevent local groups owning more than one newspaper or radio station, will be abolished. The changes are also designed to create more competition for the BBC nationally and in the regions, where newspapers and television companies are battling for survival.

Ofcom, the media regulator, will be stripped of policy-making functions and limited to making judgments in areas such as “decency, impartiality and taste”. The Tories say the changes will be on the same scale as the Big Bang deregulation of the City in 1986 that helped expand financial services and create tens of thousands of jobs.

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Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, said “heavy-handed regulation” was behind a “massive crisis” in the media industry.

“It is why no major international players have come forward to buy ITV and major US networks are not interested in investing in Britain,” he said.

“They are driven away by regulations which are strangling our creative media industries. We will strip away the regulations in the same way that Big Bang revolutionised the City to make it the major financial centre of the world.”

Mr Hunt, in a keynote speech in Manchester on Thursday, will highlight:

* TV and radio advertising is down 12 per cent;

* eight commercial radio licences have been surrendered in the last 12 months;

* 900 jobs have gone in local and regional newspapers

*100 local newspapers have closed down

Mr Hunt will argue that the level of “micro-regulation” in the media had stifled innovation and made it difficult for independent commercial operators to make a profit.

“Because our regulation is stuck in the pre-internet dark ages, we have left our media industries exposed and vulnerable to huge market shocks. It has taken the combination of a bitter advertising recession and the structural changes wrought by the internet for this to sink home,” he will say.

“The start must be massive reform of the cross-media ownership rules for local media operators. We need to allow media operators more flexibility to own businesses operating on both the same and different platforms.”

Mr Hunt said that there were major investors in Silicon Valley who were looking for the next big idea. They wanted to invest in “game changers like eBay, Amazon and Spotify”.

But he will say: “They are not going to take the huge risks involved if they are worried any success will be taken out of their hands by over-paternalist regulation. Nimble and light touch regulation is necessary if we are to encourage the risk-taking upon which it depends.”

Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, said: “There is a massive crisis in the media industry. We will strip away the regulations in the same way that Big Bang revolutionised the City to make it a major financial centre of the world.”

Mr Hunt will say in a speech on Thursday in Manchester that “micro-regulation” in the media had stifled innovation.

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Anonymous said...

stifled innovation. ???!!

cant mean the progress of making money out lieing to people and manipulating them

Anonymous said...

Has anyone in the BNP ever complied a definitive list of which UK media outlets are independent of the corporate media, locally owned or family owned?

Defender of Liberty said...

Not as far as I know.

If you do it I will publish it here,