Friday 27 November 2009

Tory Toff Takes Over UKIP

The election of Lord Pearson is a suicidal act by UKIP.

The spiv Nigel Farage was despised by the tory toffs who are fed up with the Cameron Cabal and their politically correct drivel, and the resignation of Farage was simply an attempt to ease Lord Pearson in to lead UKIP in anticipation that a steady stream of tory toffs would follow him into UKIP.

Of course they wont.

They will do as they have always done, which is to stay put and just bitch, piss and moan in the shadows.

The strategy of UKIP adopting Pearson as leader is simply to attract Tories to the fold, with a posh toff figurehead who the blue rinse brigade can coo and flutter over.

This is great for the BNP, as we simply have to point out to the public that a vote for UKIP is a vote for the Thatcherites, and now we can just point out that the leader of UKIP is a tory toff who seeks the support of Tory voters in order to turn UKIP in the Thatcherite wing of British politics.

Stick Lord Pearson in a dress and a wig, and you have a Thatcher.

A vote for UKIP is therefore a vote for old style Toryism and Thatcherism, the obsolete and outdated political ideologies of the 1980's.

If UKIP had been in power then we would still have got involved in the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War.

If UKIP is in power we would be out the EU, but under the control of America.

If UKIP were in power we would abandon the Euro, but come under complete domination by the Dollar.

UKIP are merely the slaves of America - so what is the point of voting UKIP and freeing ourselves from political, economic and cultural domination by Europe but then remain a political, economic and cultural slave to America ?

UKIP will keep us in NATO, and in fact would drag us deeper into the debt crisis of the American economic empire - and thereby merely ensure that UK national interests are perpetually subordinate to the selfish interests of the US.

We have had enough of this.

Lord Pearson is just another US / Israel / Zionist stooge like Gert Wilders.

Gert Wilders postures as a defender against Islamism but then splay his butt cheeks and bends over for Zionism at every opportunity.

There are few things as repugnant as seeing a so called 'anti-Islamist' acting as a fawning catemite of the Zionists and Israel.

This what Lord Pearsons plan is, he is a US Neo-Conservative Zionist stooge who wants to use Islamism as a way to faciltate our national betrayal to US and Israeli Zionism.

The real British Nationalists, and not the fake UKIP ones, understand that both Islamism and Zionism must both be confronted and extirpated from our country.

Watching Lord Pearson on the Channel 4 news I was struck by just how inane the man was, and how he appeals to the UKIP 'Hyacinth Bucket and Blazers Brigade' but how he will alienate the white working class who despise Tories and toffs.

If the plan is to use Lord Pearson as the 'lure' to draw disgruntled Tories from the Tory Party then his plan will fail - the fact is that there are few things on this planet as gutless as a Tory.

The Tory Party is primarily a cabal of octogenarian social climbers who see the Tory Party as a political golf club where ones social advance is ensured if one abases themselves enough before the right tory / free mason / golf club director etc etc

Tories are not POLITICAL, they are SOCIALITES - and therefore they will stay loyal to whatever political party promises access to the right social events, garden parties etc etc = and that will always be the Tories.

Therefore Pearsons Plan will fail - as he will draw very few Tories into the fold whilst alienating white working class voters with his Tory Party background.

At least the Kermit the frog lookalike Nigel Farage could connect with the masses, as he was the car salesman we all know and as a car salesman we was eminently suited to selling UKIP snake oil to the mug public punters.

Lord Pearson is like a duck out of the water of the moat, and he will not connect with the ordinary masses in any way.

What the masses want is not another Toff, not another spin doctor and not another politician.

What they want is someone to tell the truth and call a spade a spade.

They want a real man who is not afraid to tell the pompous arseholes of the political elite and the liberal scum that infest this nation to fuck off when they need to be told to fuck off.

They want someone they know who simply wants what is best for the country and our people, not someone who wants wealth, social advancement and a career as another political or socialite parasite.

This country needs a strong leader, not another tory toff with an Islam fetish and a desire to surrender our nation to the Zionist dogs that run America.

We need an arse kicker not an arse licker.

We are at war as a nation both at home and abroad.

We are in the midst of the worst economic collapse in human history.

Our political system has been revealed as a cess pit for profiteering pigs to gorge themselves in and profit from.

Our nation has been betrayed from within and surrendered to our enemies - both abroad and at home.

The era of pathetic pantomime politics is OVER.

We stand upon the abyss.

A new politics is required and a new political and social force to confront and defeat the enemies, both inner and outer, that infest our nation.

There is only force capable of fighting and winning the wars we must fight.

That is the BNP, the one political party in this country that has spent its entire existence fighting for its survival against the same inner enemies that have led our nation into the abyss.

Our nation can only be saved by a party whose strength and determination have been tempered over decades of struggle and resistance.

When the crisis comes we will be ready.

We merely await the moment when the masses will no longer believe the lies the media tells them, that moment when the truth is revealed to them in all its harshness - and at that moment they will sweep aside the old gang parties and seek a new force.

That moment is fast approaching.

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Rijker said...

The appointment of Searchlight-vetted Pearson is a sign that the endgame is close.

extant said...

You didnt have to go into that detail mate, the firt few paragraphs where enough !!

Pearson is another Thatcher alright , but much worse . UKIP is another Party for the immigrants; you will remember well this year how they bragged about the 5 Asian candidates they had prior to the EU Elections.
This is where the Islamists come from..

Just as Thatcher diluted the real threat to the Political Elite "NF", so will UKIP and and just look at our Country now.
Total Islamification is so near, the people need to make the right choice, we cant afford to miss the boat or Britain and Europe will be finished and under The Sharia.

Just as Thatcher stabbed the Working class in the back by stealth, so will Asian/Muslim Immigration loving UKIP.


Ted said...

Daily Backstabber Promotes Ukip -

zoomraker said...

Pearson is the man who brought Geert Wilders to the UK, he deserves a bit of credit.

zoomraker said...

Pearson on Islamic Colonisation

Anonymous said...

weak and indecisive

711 said...

Damn good article...damn good writing on your blog....bravo....