Sunday 29 November 2009

No War With Iran

If Israel is allowed to have hundreds of nuclear bombs, then why not Iran.

If Israel was forced to surrender its atomic weapons then perhaps it wouldnt act like a Zionist Nazi all the time. It would then have to negotiate and reach comprimises instead of using violence to assert its interests or deploying its Zionist puppets in AIPAC and the Zionist Network in the UK to use our troops to fight and die for Israeli interests.

Iran have undertaken no hostile actions directly against its neighbours, unlike Israel.

Israel has a right of self defence as any nation has, but that does not mean it has a power or right to launch pre-emptive attacks on other nations.

The world is sick and tired of the pre-emptive strike policy of Bush and Blair, such as we saw in Iraq - the last thing we need is nations like Israel in the grip of insane Zionists with nukes to undertake such pre-emptive attacks.

There were no WMD in Iraq and we know there are none in Iran - so why bomb it when it has no weapons ?

As long as the Zionist Nazis run Israel, then the greatest threat to world peace comes from Israel and its Zionist agents in the US and UK.

When Israel sheds the Zionist Nazis from its political system and embraces Israeli Nationalism, as opposed to Zionist National Socialism, then the entire world will be a safer place.

If the US and Israel attack Iran, then have no doubt that Britain will have to offer troops.

There is now way we should get involved in another war in the Middle East.

There must be no war with Iran - keep Britain out of foreign wars and foreign wars out of Britain.

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