Friday 20 November 2009

London Immigration Enrichment

The Metropolitan Police has spent £10.6 million on translation services last year.

The record high figure could pay for hundreds of officers have risen sharply as immigration increases.

It's the equivalent of nearly £30,000 a day.

Languages Scotland Yard had to translate include Urdu, Slovak, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Bulgarian, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Polish, Punjab, Romanian, and Gujarati.

The Taxpayers Alliance said:

"If we encouraged more people to learn English when they came to Britain there would be a sizable saving as well as a great benefit to social cohesion."

Third not born in UK - Rape figures

Latest figures now show almost a third of London's near 8million inhabitants were born outside the British Isles.

A staggering 255 non-UK citizens from 71 different countries were charged with rape in the capital last year according to a Freedom of information request.

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JPT said...

If you look on the BBC website for example on any given day even this very pc multicult biased source of news has crime after crime carried out by immigrants or non whites. There really is a 'non white' crimewave going on and I think soon enough people will see this.

extant said...

Last year on Red Dragon Radio, they reported a rise of 500% Rape in Cardiff alone in just 5 years.
A Police Inspector spoke on the Radio at the same time and advised young females not to go off with strangers
The truth should go live to the whole Country to who and why this is happening..

Adrian Peirson said...

The information is out there, it's just not reported on the X factor, or in the Big Brother house.
So the masses don't know what is going on, you got to habd it to the establishment, they know how to work a crowd.

Crime in the UK

Wotan said...

We need to find a way to force them to admit just who it is that is responsible for the increase in rape and violent crime.