Monday 30 November 2009

Another Non- Story from Tory Toff James Bethell

The alarming regularity with which the Tory Toff James Bethell and his Nothing British About The BNP blog appears like a Jack In The Box in newspaper articles in the Zionist media like The Sun, owned by the arch Zionist Rupert Murdoch, reveals both the closeness between the Tories and the Zionist lobby, as revealed in the recent Channel4 TV documentary The Israel Lobby, and the Nothing British About the BNP site.

It appears that Nothing British About the BNP serves the interests of Israel before Britain, and James Bethell is a typical Tory Zionist stooge.

As for the issue of Gibraltar, there is no way a BNP government would ever surrender Gibraltar, especially to the current crop of sleazy Spanish socialists nor their sleazy Spanish Conservative Zionist counterparts.

Once a decent Spanish Nationalist government was elected, and one which the BNP had strong links too as part of a Pan-European Nationalist Movement, then if the choice came between surrendering Gibraltar to Islam or preserving Gibraltar by working with a Spanish government who would be prepared to fight and eradicate Islamic terrorists and pirates coming from North Africa and who are attacking ships, local people and land in the Mediterranean including Gibraltar, then of course we would work with our Spanish nationalist allies to defend Gibraltar, Spain and Europe from the Islamist menace.

The threat to Gibraltar is two fold - first from Islamic terrorists with British passports going to the island and using it as a base for terrorism and also from Islamic pirates coming from North Africa and attacking the Mediterranean coast, the same sort of piracy that once devastated the coasts of England and Ireland in the 18th century.

Our duty is to protect the British people of Gibraltar and also work with Spain to ensure their national security.

BNP: Give Gibraltar back


Published: Today

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THE BNP would hand the key outpost of Gibraltar to Spain in an astonishing betrayal of its 30,000 British citizens.

The move would also deprive the UK of a naval base - defended bitterly for more than 300 years - of huge strategic importance.

Party leader Nick Griffin, elected as an MEP in June, made the offer at a fascist rally in Madrid last week to suck up to European extremists.

His bizarre reasoning is that it would help the Spanish combat radicals in nearby northern Africa.

Deceitful Griffin told fellow fanatics: "Taking into account the geographical situation of Gibraltar and the Muslim threat on its door, I would prefer to see a Spanish flag fly in Gibraltar before an Islamic one." He added: "It would be much easier to sort it out if we had nationalist governments in Britain and Spain because it would then be an agreement between equals."

The gaffe was exposed by James Bethell, founder of anti-BNP pressure group Nothing British.

Mr Bethell - favourite to be selected by the Tories to fight for the seat of Gosport, Hants - said: "Nick Griffin talks about protecting our national interest but he would surrender our sovereignty to Spanish fascists in a heartbeat.

"The only flag that should be flying over the Rock is the Union Jack."

A recent referendum on the island, off the southern tip of Spain, saw 99.64 per cent vote to remain British.

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nothing british about the tory toffs said...

bethell seems to ignore the glaring fact that his party is happy to sign away 60 million brits to the eu!

nothing british about the conservatives

NoisySiamese said...


Quote: "The only flag that should be flying over the Rock is the Union Jack."

Well, I assume that he will be moving a frigate or two to the top of the Rock then? Anybody with a reasonable knowledge of "Britishness" should know that a Union JACK is a Union FLAG flown from a naval vessel... he should have used "Union Flag" in his comment of course.

Beyond that, this loathsome, vomit-inducing creature is, unfortunately, a distant relative of mine. Most of my branch of the Bethell family served or died for their country in the first and second world wars so that Tory prig Bethell and his recent ancestors make careers out of destroying all things British..