Friday 27 November 2009

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Bristol Boys Get Community Orders For "Sex Attack"
Friday, November 27th 2009 00:00

A gang of copycat 'Hell Boys' from Bristol have been given community orders, after forcing other children to carry out sex attacks on each other.
The two brothers and a friend forced two of the young victims to strip and carry out sex acts.

In a mirror image of the 'Hell Boy' attack in Doncaster this summer, the trio made their victims, among other things, drink urine.
All three received 12-month community orders for the attack on September 12 this year in Hengrove Park.

Bristol Youth Court heard the two groups of boys were known to each other and had met in a park to ride each others bikes.

But one group tried to escape after an argument broke out only to be trapped when one of the victim's bikes became caught in the park gates.

Margaret Kelly, prosecuting, said: ''The victims throughout were threatened with being beaten up and while they completed what they were being told to do it was out of fear.

''The boys found a bottle cap on the ground and urinated into it. He handed it to one of the victims and with threats told him to drink it.

''The victim was so frightened he actually pretended to drink it. The defendant then found a bag of dog faeces which he passed to a victim. Under pain of threats he forced him to smear it over his face.

''One victim was told to take off his clothes. He was then told to smack one victim's bum - which he did. He was then told to kiss his penis.

''In his statement he said he was too scared to refuse so he got close to his penis and made it look as though he kissed it. He was then told to put his finger up another victim's bottom.

''They did this out of fear. After this happened then the three victims were allowed to leave.''

All three defendants pleaded guilty to two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Sally Helliwell, defending, said that the brothers, who are from Botswana but have lived in the UK for two years, carried out the attack after struggling to come to terms with racist attacks against them.

The mother of one of the bully boys broke down in tears during the hearing.

She told magistrate David Parsons: ''The case has had a very big impact upon him. It has been very difficult for him.''

The brother's mother told the court: ''It has affected them quite a lot because they even had to leave their school and home.

''They are too scared to go outside after stones were thrown through the windows.''

One of the brothers, described in court as the ''ring leader'', said: ''I feel bad for the kids. I wish it had never happened.''

Magistrate David Parsons sentenced all three to twelve-month referral orders to work with youth offending teams.

He said: ''The eldest, in fairness, has bravely accepted that he was the most seriously involved. He has expressed to this court genuine remorse.

''It is clear to me that each of these three young defendants truly wish that what happened had never taken place. They have all pleaded guilty and that is to their credit.

''Thankfully it has saved the young victims from having to attend court to give evidence.

''The defendants are eleven and twelve years of age. The maximum power of this court is a sentence in the community as they have never offended before.

''The sentence that I impose for each of you is a 12-month referral order that will place you under the supervision of the youth offending team.''

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police, speaking outside court, said: ''Crimes of cruelty and abuse committed by children against children understandably arouse strong emotions.

''The victims and their families are extremely shocked by what has happened.

''The determination of the police to ensure the defendants face punishment before a criminal court sends out a strong message that behaviour like this is not accepted.''

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