Tuesday 3 November 2009

Viva France ! Viva Anti-Zionism

Image - Alain Soral - ex-FN candidate and leader of the Anti-Zionist Party.

Image - French comedian Dieudonné one of the leaders of the French Anti-Zionist Party

Image - Logo of the French Anti-Zionist Party

Image - Anti-Zionist Jews in London.

This year a historic moment occurred when French patriots set up the Anti-Zionist Party.


For far too long the Zionist Mafia in the media and politics have allowed Anti-Zionism to be defined as Anti-Semitism.

This is total nonsense.

Most Zionists are not Jewish - they are mainly Fundamentalist Christians like George Bush and Tony Blair and opportunist non-Jewish politicians sucking up to the media.

If Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism, then Anti-Nazism or Anti-Fascism is racist Anti-Germanism or Anti-Gentilism.

This is also rubbish of course.

Anti-Zionism is not racism, it is a struggle to resist a fascist methodology.

In fact Zionism is primarily a political movement, not a religious or racial movement.

What unites all Zionists is putting support for Israel above the interests of their own nations and fellow citizens.

It is this fundamental issue - the support of Israel above the interests of their own nation and people - that reveals the political nature of the Zionists.

The aims of Zionists range from across a whole varied spectrum of wide beliefs, from the desire to drive the Palestinians out of Israel to the Fundamentalist Christian belief that a restored Jewish temple in Jerusalem will usher in The Second Coming of Christ.

Very few Zionists are Jewish, and in fact many, many Jews both in Israel and outside Israel oppose the fascism of Zionism.

They dont want an 'Jewish nation of Israel', they want a nation of Israel that respects all its citizens equally and that does not impose racist policies that deny sectors of the population such as Christians and Palestinians their basic civil and human rights.

The real danger of Zionism though also manifests itself in Britain.

The entire British political establishment is dominated by the Zionist Network and the British media dominated by media barons, such as Rupert Murdoch and Richard Desmond, who are extreme Zionists.

Note the Conservative Friends of Israel here ;



And the Labour Friends of Israel ;

http://www.lfi.org.uk/ds of Israel ;


Zionists use their political and media muscle to attack any political parties that refuse to bow down before the false idol of Zionism.

They also have their own private militia, the Community Security Trust, that target and threaten violence on those they consider as being anti-Zionist ;


The CST has five offices, 55 members of staff and a network of 3,000 volunteers from all parts of the Jewish community, who are trained by the CST and the Police. The organisation's philosophy is that the Jewish community is responsible for its own security. It works closely with Police Services around the country and is recognised by Government and Police as a model of a minority community security organisation.

I have been the victim of death threats by this private militia that is trained by the Police.

These Zionist media organisations also peddled the bogus propaganda about WMD that got us into the Iraq War and also get the establishment political parties elected into power.

They control our entire democratic system.

Only those political parties that abase themselves before the Zionists are allowed to be pimped out by one of Murdochs papers or not be abused by Richard Desmonds paper.

If you resist Zionism in Britain, then you resist the government, the media and the Zionist Mafia that control much of our nation.

Zionism is the enemy within.

It must be rooted out and its networks dismantled before we can save our democracy and nation.

Zionism is as much a threat as Islamism.

Islamists use terrorism to try and take our country away, whilst the Zionists use propaganda to brainwash society and their money to bribe traitors into committing treason.

Both Zionism and Islamism represent EXISTENTIAL threats to the survival of the British nation and our democracy.

This is why the struggle against organised Zionism must also be met with a struggle against organised Islamism.

Failure to tackle both the Scylla of Zionism and the Charybdis of Islamism will result in the destruction of Britain.

This is why the aims of the Anti-Zionist Party are so essential not just in France but in Britain and America as well ;

Efforts and ambitions of the Zionist Anti Party for FRANCE

Reveal all Zionist interference in the affairs of the nation.

Denouncing all politicians who are advocating Zionism.

Eradicate all forms of Zionism in the nation.

Prevent companies and institutions to contribute to the war effort of a foreign nation that does not respect international law.

Unleashing our state, our government and institutions of the grip and the pressure of Zionist organizations.

Free media for a plurality of information to promote freedom of expression.

Promote the free expression of politics, culture, philosophy and religion and free of Zionism.

Restoring power in France and French under the new geopolitical and economic rules on the major issues that engage the responsibility of the Nation.

Do not engage France in the wars of colonization and repatriate our armies stationed in Africa, Afghanistan and around the world.

Requiring a referendum for any new commitment of France abroad.

Establish a bill to prohibit dual nationality to participate in wars without explicit principal of the Nation. ( no more 'British citizens' fighting for the IDF and Israel)

Prohibit any militia whatever denomination. (That would include the C18 of British Zionism The Community Security Trust if you are reading this lads)

Establish a national dialogue to raise awareness for a project that excludes any advocacy of Zionism.

Establish the method of proportional representation to all segments of society are represented.

Advocate for the establishment of a society of justice, progress and tolerance.

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Rijker said...

Searchlight, Melanie (Searchlight) Phillips, Straw, Milliband, Berkowitz, Mandelson etc etc ...

It's time to name names!

thesentinel said...

Ziony Phillips under siege -


Tough eh, Mel?
You deserve it dear.

Perhaps we should join in too? :-)

Noachideous said...

The prime Zionist imperative is the multicultural adulteration of formerly racially homogenous communities..possibly as a mechanism to soften us all up for the impost of Noachide Law.

In Australia we have Zionist "AntiFa", who, in full revolutionary spirit, have named themselves "FightDemBack"..and appear to be subset of the AntiDefamationCommission who operate out of the persecution complexes of the BnaiBrith.

There are now Zionist collaborators in the program who attempt to avoid culpability or even seek absolution in all this by feigning to argue publicly amongst themselves as a distraction.

But still, the Britons prefer to tremble, quiver and shamefully Tug at their ForeLocks while deferentially accepting a peaceful euthanasia in the palliative care hospice of the "United Kingdom", because to assert their rightful inheritance might offend the precious sensibilities of a certain brood of Pious Prigs.

Your Fathers did not put down the "Nazis" to have you shame their memory with your deferential grovelling.

Adrian Peirson said...

And Let's not forget, the President of Iran did NOT call for Israel to be wiped from the map, he said he wanted Political Zionism erased from the pages of History.
That's no worse than saying I want Blairism removed from Britain.

Of course the Zionist Controlled media don't want us to know these things.

Iran did NOT say wipe Israel off the Map

Pres Of Iran Christmas Message