Monday 30 November 2009

Must Be An Election Coming - Labour remembers white people

Must be an election on the way.

White working class have been neglected by government, admits minister

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:10 PM on 30th November 2009

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New focus: Communities Secretary John Denham says Government bodies and councils have been 'blind' to the needs of the white working class

New focus: Communities Secretary John Denham says Government bodies and councils have been 'blind' to the needs of the white working class

Government bodies and councils have been 'blind' to the needs of white working class communities, a Cabinet minister said today.

Communities Secretary John Denham called for a new focus on the needs of poor whites affected by mass immigration.

And he said state agencies charged with tackling inequality and disadvantage should no longer focus solely on ethnic minority groups.

Instead they must 're-assess' their priorities to include poor whites as well.

Mr Denham said areas with high immigration levels felt a sense of 'insecurity and unfairness' because of the impact of new arrivals on jobs and public services.

Unless councils act, these could lead to tensions and resentment, he said.

He said: 'Many local agencies have a clear and good commitment to tackling racism and race inequality and are right to do so. But on its own this is not enough.

'We can only challenge racism and race inequality effectively as part of a strategy that tackles all forms of inequality and disadvantage.

'This must include poorer white working class communities, as well as disadvantaged minority ethnic communities.

'Agencies which have been blind to these issues, or thought their only remit was to address minority issues, must re-assess the way they work.'

His comments are the latest attempt by ministers to address fears over immigration in Labour heartlands, and confront the threat from the British National Party.


* Nuclear family is 'on the way out', Government advisor warns

They follow a speech by Prime Minister Gordon Brown earlier this month in which he said it was 'not racist' to talk about immigration.

Addressing the Trades Union Congress today, Mr Denham pointed to similarities between black and white working class groups.

Poor white boys had more in common with their poor black classmates than with middle class whites, he said.

The inequality agenda should focus on 'need' and not 'outdated ideology or assumptions which may no longer be true', he said. These could lead to white working class boys being 'overlooked'.

If Government policies are seen to be unfair, he said, they could be exploited by groups seeking to 'drive people apart'.

'We have to avoid the perception that some groups are singled out for special treatment,' he said.

'When we target help at one group, we cannot allow others to be left behind, or to feel disconnected.'

'By ensuring that our policies are both fair, and seen to be fair, we reduce the risk that they can be exploited by others who would distort them to drive people apart.

'And we properly address the complexities of the problem: ensuring that the white working class boy struggling in class gets the support that he needs, just as his black and Asian classmates do.'

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Anonymous said...

labour's "baronness" warsi was also touring her people in their Islamic zone, but got pelted with eggs for not being "a good muslim".

zoomraker said...

lol, looks like the fragrant Miss Warsi is in a bit of denial about her co-religionists.

Nice to see her brought down a peg or two after her question time performance.

zoomraker said...

love it when she tries to lecture them about
"what Islam Teaches"

think they might know a bit about that too Miss Warsi

Adrian P said...

Note the Psychological Warfare here, White, Struggling......put stuff like that repeatedly over many years in front of millions and you end up pulling the British people down.

Notice too in Camera shots, there always has to be a minority there, quite often overepresented.

Notice the Programmes we have on TV, mostly designed to destroy and undermine our once stable, Western Civilisation.

The constant anti family squabbling in Eastenders, Corrie, Road wars, Street wars, Jeremy Kyle, Big Brother. Now imagine the effect of this on young minds as they grow up watching this stuff, even if only watching it while having Tea.

If anyone doubts that we pick up and absorb stuff from our environment just go live ib Australia for 5 years, I gaurantee you and your children will come back with an accent, so even just in the background these programmes are working their evil intentioned magic.

Anyone of these scenes might be fine in isolation if counterbalanced with more positive imagery of Friendship, Compassion, Love, Honour, Decency, Patriotism, Heritage, Tradition etc.
Notice that programmes rarely cover these, traditional British Values, quite deliberately of course.

I trust the Psychologists who advise these programmes will be rooted out of their positions once Nick Griffin Gets into no 10, what they are doing is Just as evil as anything Brown and Bliar are doing.