Monday 30 November 2009

Well Done The Swiss

Well done to the Swiss for voting for a ban on minarets.

Democracy works every now and then it seems.

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lormarie said...

hmmm, I thought they voted against banning them so this is good to hear. Having minarets is similar to swastikas in the eyes of some.

Bravo to the Swiss.

Anonymous said...

when nick goes to copenhagen he is gonna have to pull out the speech of his life, it needs to be distinctive and hard hitting, here are a few suggestions.

1. use printouts of the leaked emails as a prop, asking why they have been ignored.

2. call them terrorists for terrorising and using young children with their disproven propaganda to brainwash young minds in schools and on tv.

3. make clear the link with the nwo as nick did in his previous speech.

4. make the link to past heretics who told the truth especially in science but were burnt as witches etc by the political elites of the time as it threatend their grip on total power.

Kratos said...

It will be difficult in Switzerland since Muslims haven't done outrages against the state except serving their communities. The Swiss are pure localists, and they would be lost or even turn against NG if he evokes issues outside the experience of the Swiss.