Monday 30 November 2009

Baroness Warsi Enriched

Baroness Warsi is enriched on a walkabout ;

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Anonymous said...

pictures of the stupid old cow getting egged by sharia enforcers.

the daily mail reader comments are classic!

Kratos said...

lol, that is how all traitors should be treated. They have a point to ask her what she does for her lot.

alanorei said...

She really should be grateful it wasn't acid. Muslim wives and daughters, no less, have been horribly and permanently disfigured by husbands and fathers for less.

I first saw this posted on Sarah Maid of Albion's blog.

Acid Attacks.

Have you seen it, Lee? I think the baronness should be sent a copy, likewise Straw and Dimbleby.

Adrian P said...

Those muslims should be supporting the British National Party, the only party that dares speak about and opposes the New World Order, what is going on in Europe is also going on in Asia with the creation of the Asian Union.

But of course, like many others, they have been trained by the New World Order to automatically attack anything that opposes it.

The New World Order for Dummies

Adrian P said...

The acid attacks link above are only a tiny fraction of the evil that goes on in this world.
One can only imagine the torment in the minds of these women, most women pride themselves on their looks,
Asian women can often be particularly beautiful.

These women have been destroyed on the inside not just the outside.

Where are the western feminists on these issues, or the 20,000 FGM' carried out on 'British' girls every year, admittedly often done overseas during the summer holidays.
A deafening silence from them again.
Same with the RSPCA on halal slaughter.

Cowards the lot of them.