Tuesday 24 November 2009

ConservativeHome Kiddy Fiddler

The ConservativeHome website which also runs the Nothing British About The BNP internet campaign has been revealed as employing as a writer and staff member a convicted pervert child porn collector.

The Tory Toffs employ kiddy fiddlers it seems.


A young Tory has been jailed for six months after he admitted downloading sickening child porn.

Alister Cooling, 27, who writes for the Conservative Home website and campaigned for London Mayor Boris Johnson, owned films featuring girls as young as five being abused.

The pervert, who hoped to be an MP and featured on the BBC reality TV show Castaway, also downloaded a bestiality film.

Some of the films hit the highest level of the abuse scale used by police to grade child porn.

Sentencing Cooling at Croydon crown court last Friday, Judge Stephen Waller said: "The contents of these images are horrifying. Any right thinking person could not but be repulsed. By downloading this material you give encouragement to people who are filming the abuse and suffering of children."

Cooling at first told police he downloaded the films by accident - but eventually broke down and admitted he was "obsessed". The charges against him included making indecent images and possession of extreme porn. He will serve half his sentence in jail then be freed on licence.

Cooling, who was pictured on a Gay Pride march with Mr Johnson last year, was a committee member of the Lesbian Gay and Bi Tory group. On Castaway two years ago, Cooling, of Croydon, South London, was described as the "ultimate coach potato" and said he would miss his computer most while on the island.

A website Cooling used to bid for acting roles lists his friends as his "TV, computer and hi-fi" and gives his influences as television shows Buffy and Angel.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, for an eloquent man, the choice of your words is vile.
'Kiddy fiddlers' is a digusting choice of words that should stay on the uaf site where it belongs..

Rijker said...

'Kiddy fiddlers' is a digusting choice of word ...
- Anonymous

What peurile crap.
Do you sympathise with these nonces?




Tell it like it is!

Anonymous said...

Rijker said...

that terminology is used on LAUF to describe bnp officials. There are far better words like 'Pervert' or 'paedophiles' or 'evil'.

using those words tells it like it is.
'Kiddy fiddlers' is a mockery to the seriousness of it. AND it is words of the brainless. IN MY OPINION.