Tuesday 17 November 2009


There is a word for those who work for the interests of a foreign power and who use their wealth, social standing and political influence to put pressure on, or bribe, British politicians to put the interests of Britain secondary to another nation - they are TRAITORS.

The Israel Lobby on Channel 4 revealed what we have always known, but the media are usually too gutless and too frightened to mention - that the Zionist agents of Israel dominate politics in Britain.

Not only politics but the media - from the lip sticked Zionist pitbull Melanie Phillips to Richard Desmond and Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the unctuous Israel arse lickers that infest the British media, the agents of the Zionist entity have the British political and media systems in a death grip.

They rule by slander and terror - anyone that dares defy them is called a racist or an anti-semite.

They bribe their agents to commit treason to Britain and then use the media to depict that treason as 'friendship to Israel'.

We all know the Tories are stooges of the Zionists, we only have to check the donations to the Tory Party to see the amount of money that the Zionist agents donate to the party, but the programme revealed that not only do they donate money to the Tories, they expect and demand their whores do their bidding as well.

When the Tories get into power Israel will run Britain,

At the moment Israel via the US runs Britain, but after Camerons 'Conservative Friends of Israel' Cabal are elected into power solely by a sickened British people who cannot vote Labour (and who are brainwashed by the Zionist dominated media not to vote BNP) then the Zionist entity will control Britains political system directly.

Next stop will be WW3 against Iran, the latest insane venture of the Zionists in their evil quest for global domination by Israel and its puppet America.

All those Tories and Labour traitors in the pro-Israel groups should be arrested and charged with treason if it can be proved that they have at any time put the interests of Israel before Britain and the British people.

Those people who have spent their entire careers and lives acting as agents for Israel and acting as the propagandists for the interests of Israel should be deported to the Israel if they put the interests of Israel before the interests of Britain and the British people.

Loyalty to Zionism is treason to Britain.


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Anonymous said...

Certainly opened my eyes more!!

I used to be a Tory voter the programme left me feeling that i'd been used!

Anonymous said...

The program was a good one and peter and the others who did speak out deserves much credit, though it did stop short at who really controls these people.

The international bankers.

Each day the BNP appear to be validated just a little more in the eyes of the public.

The truth will out.

Anonymous said...

British opposition leader labels himself 'a Zionist'

"But he was puppy-like in his enthusiasm for Israel and overflowing with pride about his Jewish ancestry (he has a Jewish maternal great-grandfather, matched by a Muslim Turkish one on his father's side)."

Rijker said...

Phillips snivels -

Andraste said...

The West is being prepared for the war against Iran, and of course the architects of WWIII are the Zionists and the inextricably connected NWO. Destruction of Iran as a viable military power is the greatest preoccupation of the Zionists and the NWO; nothing vexes them more.

Israel's continued existence is entirely predicated upon the destruction of Iran as a significant military power. A nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel.

CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years


Therefore in the minds of the Zionists no strategy or action against Iran is too extreme - the Zionists would be entirely up for WWIII because it would at least offer Israel some chance of survival, whereas inaction against Iran would almost certainley not.

Getting the Zionist puppets into power in the traitorous form of the Tories is merely another move on the grand chess-board, as we move ever closer to war against Iran.

Anonymous said...


Adrian Peirson said...

The President of Iran did NOT say he wanted to wipe Israel off the Map, various interpretations say he said words to the effect of wiping Political Zionism erased from the pages of history'

Something akin to saying we would like Blairism erased from the pages of History.

The wipe Israel off the Map Hoax

Yes, I think we are being set up for war by Zionist controlled Media.

Pres Of Iran Christmas Message

Anonymous said...

and then meanwhile they are obliterating the British people via mass immigration etc but only Israel is allowed to be more or less racially homogenize and politically autonomous as it seeks to rule the world