Friday 27 November 2009

Failing White Children - planned dispossession

Teach white children about racism, slavery and multi-culturalism so they feel ashamed of their race, their identity and their country.

Teach them left wing bollocks by left wing teachers.

Then when they fail, and the immigrants do better at school, the immigrants can be used to create a new Labour voting middle class to replace the white working class.

Are you so fucking stupid that you think this is an accident.

This has been planned - this is the slow dispossession and ethnic cleansing of our people from our country.

Never mind, the civil war will happen spontaneously and naturally in the future - and the left and the liberals will have laid the foundations for it.

How schools 'turn white working-class boys to crime'

By Laura Clark
Last updated at 4:33 AM on 27th November 2009

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Failing state schools are turning thousands of poor white boys into criminals and social misfits, a report claims today.

Schools are accused of letting down 'potentially decent' children on a massive scale by failing to instil proper discipline or teach them to read.

Youngsters are condemned to a life of crime, drugs and prison - and watching their own children fail - because they leave school without a grasp of the three Rs or basic social skills.
Youth with a knife

Failing: State schools are turning thousands of poor white boys into criminals and social misfits (file picture)

They live on benefits because they lack the skills needed even for menial jobs.

The report from the Centre for Policy Studies said only six per cent of white boys on free school meals and 16 per cent of black Caribbean boys go on to further education. One in five 14-year-old boys has a reading age of nine or below.

Author Harriet Sergeant blamed the crisis on the rise of left-wing education ideologies which disdain tough discipline, competitive sport and rigorous teaching methods such as phonics.

Schools also used poverty as an excuse for under-achievement by pupils and were too quick to blame their parents.

The report also highlighted the 'perverse influence' of a benefits system which leaves youngsters with more cash if they stay on state handouts than if they find work.

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