Sunday 22 November 2009


The ongoing treason of our rich elite is continuing with the sell of our land and heritage to foreigners.

UP TO a third of large country houses sold in the past four years have been bought by foreign buyers, according to new research.

Wealthy Russians, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Indian buyers are increasingly displacing traditional owners of rural retreats in the home counties and immersing themselves in hunting, shooting and other rural pursuits.

Thirty per cent of all properties sold for more than £4m in the past four years were bought by international buyers, according to Savills, the estate agents.

Stefan Persson, the Swedish billionaire who owns the fashion giant H&M, recently paid £25m for the Linkenholt country estate near Andover, Hampshire.
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The estate includes an entire village and is Persson’s second rural retreat. He already owns a 6,500-acre site near Marlborough, in Wiltshire, where he hosts partridge and pheasant shoots.

Foreign buyers have been boosted by the fall of the pound against other currencies.

There are now twice as many foreign buyers as sellers, the agent said.

For foreigners with more than £2m to spend, Surrey is the prime target, followed by West Sussex, Berkshire and Kent. The southwest is also becoming more attractive to international buyers.

Crispin Holborow, head of country houses at Savills, said he had sold three to Chinese buyers in the past three months.

More than half of all properties bought in London for £1m or more during the past year went to international buyers. Savills’ research also shows that 43% of buyers of properties worth more than £2m work in the financial services sector.

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Globalisation. Crap isn't it?