Monday 16 November 2009

Bring out the machine guns in France

Watch the immigrant scum in France attack lone white women in the street in the video below.

Its time the French government allowed the police to machine gun this shower of shit.

The French state has tolerated these Islamist and Far Left scum for far too long.

Break out the machine guns, before they bring down the state.

Instead of fighting the Islamists in Iraq and Afghanistan, the armies of Europe should be shooting the Islamists and their accomplices in the Far Left that have colonised Europe and who have unleashed terrorism, bombings and riots in our streets.

Video here ;

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Ted said...

Get the Paras in there!

Andraste said...

Send the Foreign Legion in... no messin' :-D

bluehorse9 said...

Remove the Gendarme social working tossers and the French people will sort out the scum.

Same here in Britain.

They want jihad? war?

We will teach them the meaning of war!

Anti-Globalist said...

There's the result of indiscriminate "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". Promiscuous altruism is the Achilles heel of our race.

Red Squirrel said...

Bring on a BNP Government. Protect us from these barbarians! If this was a non sheep-like society we would be sharpening our pitchforks in readiness to oust the invaders. In reality though we should have the right to bear arms to protect our home, family and kindred from this madness.
Make mine a Challenger tank!

lormarie said...

I can't stand to see men attacking women...whatever the race. This is sort of what I was alluding to when I mentioned the need for radical least those who don't excuse men from the so-called oppressed backgrounds.

winston said...

Jesus Christ.
There is no such thing as 'race.' Its an outdated term especially in light of the fact that we are all so closely related! As in directly related by blood to one another. No matter how different any two people on they planet may look they cannot be father than 50th cousins of one another, and more much closer.

I understand what is meant by race but it's just factually incorrect. Different ethnic groups, cultures, mores, and religions, etc.
No different races tho'
one race, the human race.