Monday 16 November 2009


How many of the victims of the negro rapist Delroy Grant were white ?

Note that the BBC hid the face of this piece of shit on the news - why ?

Because the most vicious, prolific repeat rapist in British history was black.

This man was arrested over four years ago but the police let him go free - why ?

I bet NONE or just a tiny minority of his victims were not white - this is probably another sick, black racist rapist targeting white old people for his perversions.

The fact is that black rapists unduly target white victims for rape - and yet this racial targeting is never referred too as racist by the courts or the media - why ?

Because the entire multi-cultural project is based on lies - the myth of white racism is used to keep the masses silent as our country is colonised and subverted by immigrants.

If the DNA comes back as his DNA then he doesnt need a trial - he needs to be lynched.

If they need a hangman give me a call - I would do it for free.

And that goes for all multiple rapists regardless of their race or religion.

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alanorei said...

If it was the same sequence of crimes and I think it was, this attacker was featured some time ago on BBC Crimewatch. He was described by victims as black and all his victims were elderly, helpless white females.

None were described as BME, as I recall, which suggests that he targeted victims for their race, as well as for whatever he may have stolen from them.

His crimes, though, have not been described as 'racist.'

This is like the following case.

The North London Rape and Burglary case, featured on last month's Crimewatch, showed a black criminal 'proving' his superiority over 'Whitey,' in this case one heavily pregnant.

The case happened in May 2008. This is what The Evening Standard said, my emphases:

The man who carried out the sex assault is described as black, 6ft, aged 18 to 25 and stocky. He wore a black balaclava, black jacket and black tracksuit bottoms.

A second man was black or Asian, 5ft 6ins and about 18. He wore light grey tracksuit bottoms, black trainers and a zip-up jacket with red sleeves.

The third suspect, who had the gun, was black, 5ft 10ins, and aged between 18 and 22. He was wearing burgundy tracksuit bottoms.

Crimewatch did not state that the crime is being regarded as 'racist.' The ES report was published on September 29th 2009, well over a year after the original attack. Nothing was said there about the crime being 'racist' either.

Can you imagine the difference (which never happens, certainly not according to Crimewatch) if the race roles had been reversed?

These crimes will, of course, continue, while Britain has a substantial BME population.

Perhaps the criminal(s) when caught and convicted, should be subjected to a couple of hours in the stocks (like the convicted murderer on Garrow's Law last night on BBC1).

Before being hanged, that is.

Along with the treasonable politicians who brought about our current ethnically 'enriched' society.

P.S. On tonight's BBC news, one of Delroy's (black) neighbours described him as an excellent fellow and that he "couldn't believe it" that his excellent neighbour could have committed such offences.

It is to be hoped that due process will.

P.P.S. If any of the above victims had been able to defend themselves with firearms, would they now each be facing 5 years in gaol or more, because they would be guilty not only of a firearms offence but also of a 'racist' firearms offence?

Cameron said...

Did the so-called 'victims' object to their vibrant, rainbow enrichment?
If so they are waysists and must be punished with clawhammers!

Anonymous said...

Statistically a paedophile will be a White middle aged man between the ages 25 – 40

Anonymous said...

A typical story of a Whitey-hatin' negro brutalizing the objects of his hatred, and a typical cover-up job from the Whitey-hatin' racial alien-controlled newsmedia - who are every bit as worthy of the noose as Delroy.

Anonymous said...

The BBC hid his face because the Contempt of Court legislation makes it prejudicial to identify someone in a case where identity is going to be an issue. In this case identity is the main issue and following an arrest proceedings are legally active.
Every media outlet also hid his face for the same reason.

extant said...

Lee , what you need to do is a follow up to this article of Rape statistics in Africa and the US, as you know they are Horrific.

In Africa there are on average 356 babies raped every day; yes babies !!
Let alone the rest of the rape.
In the US out of say every 50,000 rapes 49911 would be black on white.
These figures are far from exagerated, look them up for yourselves..


Defender of Liberty said...


I understand your rage, but I cant put a comment up like that as its illegal.

Re identity - they have the DNA, so why is identity an issue ?

I dont remember them doing this before and blanking out peoples faces after arrest if they are white.

Anonymous said...

The BBc hide the truth and thus allow such things to g on day in day out...BBC /media et al rapeing the British nation

If the DNA comes back as his DNA then he doesnt need a trial - he needs to be lynched.


We need a nationalist revolution ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ said...

I notice the MSM are already trying to mitigate his crimes, "he was a devoted care" "he was a Jehovas Witness", what is the relevance in these statements? They are trying to turn HIM into the victim.I think the MSM are censoring the full extent of his crimes committed against the elderly..Donna

Anonymous said...

For some reason, the Sun has decided it's allowed to post a photo of Delroy Grant, the suspect in the Night Stalker case:

Anonymous said...

LOL at "Statistically a paedophile will be a White middle aged man between the ages 25 – 40"

Statistically WHAT?
Who is MORE LIKELY to be a paedophile? A white man, or a non-white?
Go and look at the slums of India, or Africa, to find your answer. None of the victims there even get listened to if they DID tell someone about what was done to them.
But don't tell me - white people are 'evil', etc.etc. - well then - move AWAY from us, because we sure as hell don't want you around.

Anonymous said...

It says his 1st crime was in 1992, but what about the rape of an 88year old in Beckenham in 1987 where the victim described her attacker as black negro.she had her phone line cut, no DNA left at scene, and her attacker spent hours in her property. stole a watch, jewellery and money. Broke in through a window tied her up raped and sexually asaulted her, held his hand over her mouth, was polite and spoke with an English accent a very similar MO to this rapist. But the police have a white man serving a long sentence for this crime who they took to trial after 23 years because they could not find the black man who did it at the time because they did not believe the victim at that time, too many similarities with this man's crimes.

Adam Goldsmith-James said...

I have been involved in the criminal justice system for over a decade. Most of that time within the uk prison estates all over the country from the north to parkhurst and albony on the i
Isle of Wight. I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of the prisoners in all estates are non-white. I can also tell you that the majority of the victims of those non-white offenders ,whether it is crime against property or persons,are white by a huge magin. I can conferm that dispite complaints from both serving pilice staff, civilian staff and prison staff, the government are determined to hide the reality of crime by non-white offenders in our one green and quiet land. see if you can find the statistic in the annual report fromthe office of statistics. My good friend is a long serving gudge and he could not get access to the data. The reason this data is impossible to find is because the government deliberately hide, provent this data being recorded and colated, or both. If the general public knew the extent of the problem it would be a can of worms that the government would both have difficulty explaining and dealing with. I love my country, but there is little of it left that i recognise.