Tuesday 1 December 2009

I am a Peasant and I am Revolting

I am a revolting peasant, and proud of it !

Say it Loud, I am a Peasant and I am Proud !


Switzerland has voted overwhelmingly to ban triumphalist minarets on Muslim mosques. On a respectable turnout of 55 per cent, there was a landslide victory for banning minarets: nearly 58 per cent for a ban, just 42 per cent against. It appears that only the three most westerly French-speaking cantons voted against the ban, while the other 23 cantons voted in favour.

This went completely contrary to pre-referendum opinion polls which had shown a 10 per cent lead for the pro-minaret camp; instead, the margin was 16 per cent in favour of a ban. People lied to opinion pollsters. Are they doing the same in Britain? Are they saying they will back Dave when they have rather more robust intentions in mind? Could the Vichy Tories be in for a shock? They certainly will be in 2015.

The usual suspects are proclaiming that Switzerland will now have “pariah status”. On the contrary, there is significantly more respect for Switzerland around the world after the referendum than there was before. The news that the electorate in one European country has had the resolution to defy its political class and refuse to roll over and indulge a politically correct minority will be an inspiration to other electorates.

There is a backlash on the way: at present it is showing itself in small ways, over minor matters such as minarets, but presently it will manifest itself on more substantial issues such as immigration and bogus climate change. It is no coincidence that the people most loudly bemoaning the ban on minarets in Switzerland are those who most vociferously applauded the prohibition on crucifixes in Italian classrooms. The consistent principle is an attack on European Christian civilisation, complemented by subservience to all the enemies of that civilisation, secular or Islamic.

The Swiss voters have not forbidden the practice of the Muslim religion: they have simply insisted that it should not indulge in triumphalism by towering over Christian churches. If they had really wanted to play hardball they would have insisted that the first mosque in Switzerland could only be built the day after the first Christian cathedral opened for worship in Riyadh. British and European Christians have been doormats for secularists and politically correct “faith groups” for too long. It seems the days of abject masochist subjection are over.

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lormarie said...

I understand that you are not comfortable with feminists (radical fems perhaps) but according to this article, they are partly responsible for the ban in minarets:


A right-wing campaign to outlaw minarets on mosques in a referendum being held in Switzerland today has received an unlikely boost from radical feminists arguing that the tower-like structures are “male power symbols” and reminders of Islam’s oppression of women.

A “stop the minarets” campaign has provoked ferment in the land of Heidi, where women are more likely than men to vote for the ban after warnings from prominent feminists that Islam threatens their rights.

Adrian Peirson said...

Maybe now is the time to begin including more Links to English speaking Swiss ( or other European ) Blogs.
Pooling information and letting us all know what our Elites are up to.
A good example is France's new national sports, Rioting and 'Tournante' that the BBC never seems to mention.

Hint, tournante means taking turns,

Take note any women, there comes a point when European men will not be able to turn things around.

Awsemogreeb said...


His British Beef song, it's better live but this will have to do.
I was reminded of him because he has a song called The Peasants are Revolting, but I cannot find it.