Friday 6 November 2009


Image - Pete Doherty. Middle class rich twat. Went to posh comprehensive school in Warwickshire. Junkie. Nuff said.

" My old man said foller the van, and dont dilldaly on the way".

Well thats it for me, I am quitting politics.

Babyshambles, featuring Pete 'I like drugs' Doherty, has just released a new song attacking the BNP.

Therefore I now have to announce I am quitting politics.

When pompous, middle class pop stars like Sonic Youth (who are really pensioners) and those living fossils The Specials all come together to point their fat fingers at the BNP and howl with self righteous middle class rich liberal indignation, then you know the game is up.

When the rich middle aged junkie pop stars are having a pop, then we must listen as they are 'famous'.

The 'famous' are those that think because they strum a guitar or write a few shit songs and have lots of money, this means they can ponitificate from their ivory towers like some potentate of old.

THE DISEASED MEWLING MAGGOTS OF A DYING PLANET, the rich internationalist cosmopolitan scum elite of globalisation, puppets of the media, the media manufactured plastic whores pimped out for the mass animals to abase themselves before.

Little glitter monkeys on TV screens.

In the last days of ancient Rome the Empire was collapsing. The citizens of Rome were unemployed, angry and starving. Instead of bringing food into the city they brought in sand.

More important than bread for any tyrant is the circus.

Every thief must distract the eye of their mark.

Little glitter monkeys prancing on a stage.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Western Civilisation is the main target in the NWO's sights, the idolising of pop figures such as Doherty makes drugs look cool to the masses, If Doherty says Global warming is real then that gaurantees at least a million fawning sheep will believe it without question.
Look at the world of cinema where we have such actors as Tom Cruise etc, pretty boy actors who are pushed simply to get fawning sheep into the cinemas to be indoctrinated by the subliminal messaging of the largely Zionist controlled Hollywood.
Look at our Politicians, simply front men, offering 'hope' fairness', equality, democracy'
The Brainwashed masses never stop to ask what exactly do these suited conmen mean by fairness and democracy, it sounds good, let's go for it.

It's very much like in the film 'Mars attacks' where the Martians go around saying we come in peace, we are your friends, before vaporousing the gullible humans.

This is an official military tactic, during the Waco seige the FBI and ATF agents storming the compound shouted out, this is not a raid, this is not a raid, the purpose being to cause confusion and of course that split second doubt about what is going on which gives the highly trained stormtroopers all the advantage they need.
After all, you as a respectable citizen wouldn't want to shoot a police officer if he was NOT attacking you would you, maybe they just want to ask questions.

We in the west are Gullible, that is how our politicians have been able to get away with what they do, creating an empire right in front of our eyes, no no no, it's not an empire, Britain is still a sovereign nation, look...we have British flags outside council offices, see, nothing to worry about...this is why they can give away our fishing grounds now almost depleted, our Jobs exported overseas, this is how they can exterminate us through mass abortion, Sterilisation and mass immigration and they get away with it using the racism slur, if you object, then you must be a racist and hate other people.
This is the subtle power of words and imagery used against the Free peoples of the Western world.

The same is going on in the US, they are being taken down, they have a largely Zionist controlled Congress, a shiny new Black President, if anyone objects they are branded, racist, or antisemitic.

The US is being taken down too.

Urban decay in Los Angeles

Aldous Huxley predicted this in the 50's, he said all that is needed is money, and the candidate who can be coached to look sincere.

He wrote to George Orwell....

"Within the next generation I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience."[5]

Huxley on Youtube

Adrian Peirson said...

What those fawning sheep don't realise is Doherty is leading them and their kids to Conscription and into a Police state, as society collapses, there will be more and more calls and suggestions that maybe we should bring back conscription in order to restore public order and morality.
People will look around and agree, not realising that this was the very same politicians who have allowed society to decay.
I have neighbours who fight and argue, they regularly threaten to kill each other, arguments till 5 am two or three evenings per week.
On asking them to turn the music down I was attacked, she had to be restrained or I would have been attacked.
Had I retaliated it would have been man beats up woman neighbour over noise, since I wasn't going to fall into this trap I called the police.....ooooh, nothing to do with us, you will need to call the I went to the Community wardens who said I should call the council, so I made an appontment to see the council and say I wanted recording equipment so I could bring a court action against them and get an Injunction against the they said, this is not our Domain, you need to speak to the Environmental Protection team....who eventually wrote to me and said they cannot install recording equipment.......

The collapse of Society is planned, orchestrated.....
The end result is a Police state and conscription for our kids, Doherty, whether he knows it or not, is one of many pied pipers leading the masses to that end.

Anonymous said...

The collapse of Society is planned, orchestrated.....

indeed, now very clear to m e