Wednesday 25 November 2009

The Tory Empire Drops Its Mask

Image - Dark Lord Sith James Bethell talking to David Cameron " Oh hi yah Dave. I was just on the phone to Timmy at Conservativehome yah, and we have agreed yah that for the sake of appearances yah, we have to pretend we are not all part of the evil Tory Empire ok yah in case like the media yah, think we are all the same yah ".

Dear Mr Barnes

Re: your piece on November 24th, 2009

1. You wrote that Alistair Cooling was employed by Nothing British as “as a writer and staff member”. This is factually inaccurate. He has never worked for Nothing British, a not-for-profit company registered at Companies House. He has never contributed articles, has never had a contract of employment or any formal role, and, as far as I know, no one here has ever met him, talked with him or corresponded with him. Nothing British asks you to issue a correction on your blog.

## There is no difference between Nothing British About the BNP and Conservativehome website, as both the Nothing British About the BNP and Conservativehome are both run by Tim Montgomery. Therefore, they are the same organisation with just a different name. There is also no company registered at Companies House as 'Nothing British About the BNP' - I checked ;

2. In 2007 Mr Cooling once contributed an unpaid article to the now defunct “Conservative Future Diary” which was once part of ConservativeHome. Mr Cooling was not, as your piece implies, an employee of Conservative Home nor has he ever had any contractual or formal relationship with ConservativeHome. Nothing British asks you to issue a correction on your blog.

### Hold on, I thought Nothing British was a 'seperate comapny' but now James Bethell is speaking on behalf of Conservativehome as well as Nothing British About the BNP. Of course the Nothing British Blog is about separate from ConservativeHome website and the Tories as much as the UAF is a separate organisation from the Socialist Workers Party.

James Bethell is a Tory party member.
James Bethell is a Tory candidate.
James Bethell runs Nothing British About The BNP with Tim Montgomery, who is also a Tory party member.
Tim Montgomery runs ConservativeHome website.
Tim Montgomery employed Alistair Cooling as a writer for the ConservativeHome website.
The Conservativehome website still links articles written by Alistair Cooling on their website.

3. Your blog says that ConservativeHome “runs” Nothing British. This is inaccurate. The two organisations are quite separate corporate structures. Nothing British asks you to issue a correction on your blog.


My response.


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Anonymous said...

I think i would rather have the duck house guy than this blue labour toff spinshyster.

Nothing conservative about the conservative party.

Keep digging Lee, you might just keep this creep from the levers of power.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethell why don't you stand aside for the black candidate or the woman candidate for the duck house MP seat?

would that not help balance the Tory party to be more inclusive, just as Dave asked?

Why would you a rich Baron want to deprive an ethnic minority or a woman more equal representation within the Tory party acording to the will of EU Dave?

Surely you're not just in it for greed and self empowerment but the good of the party and the party image?

wouldn't want the country to think the Conservatives are nothing but middle aged useless toffs would you?

Seeing as there is already an abundance of them in the party.

Do the right thing Bethell stand aside for the ethnic candidate, or are you secretly a racist?

stuffed ballot boxes said...

Spot the tory toff certainty, are they taking bets?

Yogi said...

I could'nt agree more Lee! Bollocks you tory dimwit fop!And oh yeah quack quack.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! Keep them coming, Lee.

peter said...

Hey Lee with the Iraq enquiry going on may I suggest you use your legal skills to try and frame a paragraph for the upcoming election about this.
How about a paragraph promising a free enquiry and investigation and where appropriate passing on such evidence to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague. It would send the cat amongst the liblabcon pigeons is a vote winner and great publicity ploy.
Also a blanket amnesty except for heinous crimes for all British troops in Iraq becasue of the overwhelming pressures they endured. There seems to be another show trial coming up for British squaddies no doubt paid for by the taxpayer.