Saturday 21 November 2009

Malthus and the Climate Change Con

So the 'science' of man made climate change is a con ;

We all knew it, now people can prove it.

It was simply a way of forging the nexus of the New World Order - a way to impose the first global taxation system as a prelude to the dismantling of all nation states and the creation of a global system of governance.

We know this.

Therefore we are left with one real issue and its devastating impact on the planet - HUMAN OVER POPULATION.

There are too many useless human breeders on the planet.

There has to be a drastic reduction in human numbers in nations such as China, India and continents like Africa where human population numbers are beyond the carrying capacity of the environment.

China has dumped its one child policy, Africans are having too many children and India is far too over populated - and as a result they are forcing their surplus populations to enter Europe as immigrants.

The rewarding of unsustainable breeding must end - all immigration into Europe must be stopped, trade must be linked with nations imposing policies to drastically cut their populations and aid and development money linked with mass sterilisation plans.

The useless human breeders of the planet must be prevented from having more children.

The useless breeders must also be prohibited from being rewarded for their reproductive profligacy by being allowed to enter and dwell in Europe.

This means we musts regard the rich, white, middle class Western liberals like Bob Geldoff who want to support those surplus populations with perpetual aid as criminals or allow them to live in Europe as traitors, as their deluded emotionalism will mean the destruction of the global eco-sphere and the West if they are allowed to continue with their witless liberalism.

In nations with vast over populations then hungry mouths must be left to starve unless they agree to be sterilised, and a food for contraception deal must be agreed where those that agree to give up breeding are allowed to claim aid money and food.

Those that dont must be left to nature.

At the same time the fools in the West that want to feed those useless breeders must be prevented from doing so - so all flows of money via charities that do not demand or adhere to the population reduction process must be stopped.

Liberalism must be legislated into the dustbin of history.

The death penalty must be imposed on people smugglers who bring people into the West.

All illegal immigrants must be deported.

Boats carrying illegal immigrants must be stopped, the people on board returned to their own nations immediately or from where the boats came from and the boats sunk.

The courts in the UK must obey our laws, so judges that refuse to impose our new laws will be removed from the bench - the era when judges could act as political revolutionaries in the name of socialism or liberalism will be over when we take power.

They will obey us and our laws, and the spirit of our laws, or we will remove them and put our own judges in their place.

No more will the judges prevent deportations.

Those that will not wish to work with us in our project of nationa renewal have a choice - resign or be sacked.

There will be plenty of job opportunites when we take power, as we will shed the parasites of the old regime and install our own people to replace them.

Malthus was right and Peak Oil will prove this, when the oil supply slows then so will the food supply and the global famine will start.

We must be ready before then and have Re-Nationalised Britain and prepared for the resource wars, eco-conflicts and immigration invasions that will commence as the global food supply drops.

The British Army must be prepared to defend the coast of Britain from the new forms of coast raiding pirate fleets that will arise in the future and raid and pillage the shores of Britain, the new forms of terrorism linked to mass immigration, the spread of diseased immigrants into Europe and the food riots and food wars that will erupt.

Our nation must become a Fortress Britain, and anything or anyone that prevents that transition must be regarded as the inner enemy and traitors.

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Al Scott said...

The NWO will probably use mechanisms like H1N1 vaccines to sterilize the population.

extant said...

Dear Truth Machine

I now know for sure that your conviction for absolute Justice has no bounds.


Wolfblood said...

This is the biggest issue of all time!

Well done, Lee.
Keep pushing the button.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly India and South East Asia had highly advanced civilisations in the 13th century in comparison to western Europe. Their decline was precipitated by rapid population increase especially amongst the "untouchables" ie darker inhabitants of the sub continent. This facilitated a vast pool of cheap labour and when you have cheap labour there is no incentive to modernise and develop. By importing cheap labour we are actually hindering development in our own society.

Anonymous said...

funny, whenever i read the BBC web site, I read of all the random attacks, the muggings the rapes and killing of women, I play a game of "I bet it's a black man" 90% of the time it is or someone called Hassan or Mohammed.

This, I believe, is called ethnic cleansing.

Please, please please can the BNP please get into #10 ASAP!

Anti-Globalist said...

I believe in a lot of "conspiracies" such as 9/11 and the Swine flu vaccine being a bio weapon - but still I fully back Arthur Kemp's stance that the BNP has to avoid jumping onto so-called "conspiracy theories" and keep away from appearing as cranks.

I see that is responding to this latest coup for climate change skeptics

My own view is that we must do all we can to protect the environment and that would include reducing the population of the developing world and not allowing them to have an unsustainable 1st world lifestyle. It would be better if we all cut back, (except that we need more European births) since the fact is that our consumption really is unsustainable and really is a threat to the planet. It is all about profiteering and corruption.

zoomraker said...

traffic cameras used to harass political dissidents in the uk

Anonymous said...

We are 5% of he world population here in the United States and use 25% of the WORLDS resources. China and India are catching up because they want to be like us. They now are using more of the worlds resources. The whole world needs to just have 2 children if a family has 2 children they only reproduce themselves and do not create over population problems. WE collectively have to make that chose to cut down on the world population. WE in the United States have created more of the environmental problems than the rest of the world. It is time we step up to the table and let the world know we will do what we can to change the way WE live and maybe the rest of the world will chose to follow.

Adrian Peirson said...

Where do I sign.

Our people must be educated, and a few prepared to volunteer to defend us, they must be schooled in protecting from bio weapon and chemical attack.

In some sense being an Island is a Godsend, in others a liability, they' could use chemical weapons and have a 20 mile channel to act as a dispersion buffer.

There are some interesting developments in the Flu, it seems that the elites are not having it all their own way, people are waking up and smelling a rat.
I fear however the Vaccine, as well as being used for a profitable cull is also being used to Sterilise our women and children.
The Indigenous population is in decline, but who can blame the average British woman not wanting to Bring children into Cesspit Britain.
Whose to say anyway that we need 50Million, or 40Million on this Island, the Optimum population trusts advocates 30 Million.

And once sense is restored and family values returned, the ddecline will stop.

I don't see the current ddecline as an irreversable problem, its a natural consequence of fear and aprehension in Western Society, aided of course by thre 7.2 million abortions the Commies have engineered since 1970.

With the recent news that they have actually produced artificial Sperm though, it is not too much of a stretch to consider that in future all children will be sterilised at birth and the state will 'grow' embryos, these children will belong to the state.
Unless we win, we may be the last generation to know what a family is.

The Flu Case

Treanor News

Anti-Globalist said...

Whites need to have at least half a dozen children. Right now our numbers are halving with each generation. I am a mother of seven while also an environmentalist who believes man made climate change is real. We have to go green and get back to nature.
The white birth rate is resulting in the end of the whole concept of FAMILY and indeed our nation will not survive this low birth rate. We are not all equal. We are in a competition and a battle for survival.
But the planet will probably overheat within the next decade or so and we'll all die anyway.
The main motivation for climate change skeptics is the desire to carry on living their cosy unrealistic lives and not face harsh reality. It's a selfish head-in-the-sand attitude that makes me despair.

Wotan said...

It's not just the Police Chiefs that should resign. But also the officers on the ground.

They are enforcing this governments racist laws and turning a blind eye to great injustices.