Monday, 2 November 2009

Melanie Phillips - Britains Premier Zionist Hypocrite.

Finally Melanie Phillips reveals the truth in her own writings that contradict the lies she spouts from her foam flecked lips.

Heres what she says in this article ;

" I gave him a quick history of the Jews and their ancient relationship with the land of Israel, explaining to him the symbiotic relationship between the people, the religion and the land."

You may remember that Melanie calls the BNP 'Nazis and Racists' for daring to demand that Britain remains a predominantly Christian nation, with a British culture and that the indigenous British people remain the demographic majority in their own country.

Because we believe this Melanie calls us Nazis.

Yet when it comes to Israel, Melanie believes that Israel must remain a predominately Jewish nation with a predominant Jewish religion, a predominant Jewish culture and a country for Jews.

Yet she never calls Israel 'Nazi'.

Oh no, for Melanie Israel is the 'only democracy in the Middle East' and a bastion of the Enlightenment in the midst of Islamist barbarism.

Can there truly have been a more revolting example of utter hypocrisy in British history.

On one hand this vile woman bangs the drum for Israel and yet seeks to undermine the ONE political party in Britain, the BNP, that seeks to ensure the UK becomes a nation that acts simply to benefit its own people - and not just the odious Zionists like Phillips that control much of the British media, politics and economics.

If Britain had a British Nationalist government, as Israel has an Israeli Nationalist government, then there would have been no Iraq War and Afghanistan war.

Instead Britain was taken into this war by the Zionist Tony Blair on the orders of the Zionist George Bush, both of whom used the Zionist media from the Daily Express owned by the Zionist Richard Desmond and The Times and The Sun owned by the Zionist Rupert Murdoch to pump out the bogus war propaganda that Phillips and her ilke were paid to peddle to the masses.

There can be no greater act of whoring than the whore that serves the interest of another nation whilst being paid to betray their own.

Whilst Melanie joined in the rush for war with her Zionist masters, the British Army were led like sacrificial lambs to the Zionist slaughter.

Now melanie is still undertaking her Zionist crusade and wants a war with Iran.

My god, how cynical, manipulative and hypocritical is this vile, demented woman !

We now have the Zionist John Bercow as the speaker of the House of Parliament attacking the BNP in breach of hundreds of years of political etiquette - but hey, he is a Zionist and therefore thats okay that he is pissing on our British traditions and using the role of speaker as a tool of the Zionist elite.

No surprise there then - for as Tam Dalyel reminded us the Zionists already have a death grip on our democracy by poisoning democracy at its heart ;


The next time I have the dubious pleasure of debating with Melanie and she has the temerity to attack the BNP, I will throw this quote straight back in her face.

The Zionist Pitbull Of British Politics has finally barked so loudly, it has revealed to everyone its own bullshit.

Thanks Melanie.

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Adrian P said...

And for anyone who Doubts the influence of Political Zionism over Britain.

Zionist Influence over Britain