Wednesday 11 November 2009

Nazi False Flag Attacks - a new 7/7 on its way ?

Image - Nazi Threat to Shoppers.

I ask you, why the hell does a top copper reveal in public that they are expecting 'neo-nazis' to target shoppers at Christmas with bombs ?

One would think ' Hey man, you just told the bastards that you know what they are doing and now they will stop it '.

So why did Yates of the Yard do just that ?

A few other questions ;

1) Why reveal this information and warn the so called 'terrorists' ?

2) Why reveal that the police are monitoring neo-nazis and warn them they are under investigation - wouldnt that mean they will be more careful or just stop ?

3) Why havent the police warned the public about this threat ?

4) why would neo-nazis bomb shoppers at christmas - just what is the strategic plan of these people ? is it to alienate the entire British public, be regarded as traitors and scum and then go to prison for forever ?

5) what sort of sick, insane Santa hating neo-nazi nutter undertakes attacks on Christmas shoppers - who are mainly white and christian ?

There are not many Muslims or Jews who will going shopping for christmas presents to give to their family members - so either they are the dumbest nazis in history or else they are a Mossad / CIA group being used for false flag attacks.

The answer is clear.

Its total bollocks.

There probably is a terrorist threat at christmas to shoppers - and it aint from 'neo-nazis'.

The people who gave Yates of the Yard, this information were probably the same people that supplied the dodgy dossier on Iraqi WMD to the government before the Iraq War.

Its total bollocks.

Here is what is really happening.

The government are preparing the ground for a series of raids on white people who have nothing to do with terrorism in order to try and undermine the BNP vote in the general election and to win back muslims for the labour party.

Therefore they have to create a bogus 'white terrorist threat' in order to peddle the bullshit to the gullible lemmings of the public who actually believe the bollocks they read in the paper or peddled on the BBC.

There may be a false flag attack - but it will be by a group run by Mossad and the CIA - but one thing for sure they will be about as 'real nazis' as the ones in the Mel Brooks film, The Producers.

If a bomb explodes this christmas what will happen is that the press will be screaming 'Nazi Bombers Hit London or Manchester etc etc - Did the Nazis do the bombing ' and the papers full of headlines about neo-nazis simply in order to divert public attantion and anger away from the real culprits.

The Islamists as usual.

Therefore the bullshit being peddled by the police is a Psychologial Warfare Operation designed to confuse the issue of the bombing BEFORE the bombings go ahead.

From this we can ascertain that an Islamist / false flag bombing will happen, but that the police want to use this a pretext to arrest, raid and harass any 'neo-nazis' they have on their lists.

This is in preparation for the general election - the government needs to secure the Muslim block vote.

Therefore they need a new bogeyman to wave at the public and go 'wooooo' and scare them.

The Nazis fit the bill.

They are white, and so they are a 'useful threat' to frighten the masses.

“LONE wolf” neo-Nazi bombers are targeting Christmas shoppers, a top anti-terror cop warned.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates, 50, said the risk of right-wing lunatics attacking packed hopping centres was “likely to rise” in the coming weeks.

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spiv said...

Well said Lee. The media peddle this bullshit on a daily basis, to screaming headlines such as "massive terror raids, 20 terrorists arrested" and so forth to create fear amongst people. Feaful people are easy to control and legislate against.

In Manchester a few weeks ago there were big dawn raids, many "terrorists" arrested, massive wall to wall media headlines - yet not a word printed when they were all released, not one murmur.

Huge headlines a couple of years back about "liquid bombers" on aircraft, 7 planes to be blown up, bigger even than 911. Funny thing is, only three people ever convicted. What were they doing, teleporting between planes? Let alone the odd little problem in that it takes over 24 hours to make these binary explosives, and that is in a lab using raw ingredients. How the hell is that done in the bogs of an 8 hour flight to America? The trial didn't explain that one, and not one media criminal has even asked the question!!

PJT said...

This must go on the main BNP website Lee.

Anonymous said...

Britain is a MultiCultural Nation now....Indigenous Nastzi "Terror" is not to be differentiated from Islamic, or any other persuasion of Noachide originated "Terror".

Al Scott said...

The Evil "Common Purpose"!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see this too. For a long time now, our traitorous polititians and the media have attempted to portray nationalists as being on a par with militant Islamists. Both are described as 'extremists'.

Adrian Peirson said...

This sort of Information needs to go on the Main website, the Political Elites use, false flag Terror and media manipulation to steer the herd where they want them to go.

If the Govt, MI6, CIA, Mossad do stage more attacks, murdering innocent US and British civilians then people are less likely to believe the official story.

I might put in a case against Yates at my local Court.

I did so recently regarding my BBC licence, I asked for a Jury which was declined and the Judge, Judge Thorn of Hull County court Threw out my evidence as innadmissable.

My evidence was 8 Hrs of Video Testimony from People like Professor Neils Harrit and Dr Stephen Jones.

Prof Niels Harrit

Dr Stephen jones

I also alleged that as the BBC was funded in part by the EU, and the EU in turn was promoting the fingering of baby girls that I ought not to be forced into funding either the BBC or the Govt, especially as the govt was also engaged in Treason, and Genocide against Britain and the British people, via its policies of mass immigration, mass emigration, Abortion ( 7.2 million since 1970 ) and the reports on Primorolo wanting to sterilise British Schoolgirls but
Judge Thorn of the Hull county Court and Two Magistrates Mrs P Brockham and Mr R E Ellis disagreed and said no laws had been broken and hit me with a £700 Pound fine.

Naturally I feel an appeal coming on, especially as we now have the Neather revealations.

I argued that I was not a criminal, that by not paying the BC licence I was in fact OBEYING the law, it is an offence to give aid to traitors and felons, mass murderers, Terrorists( and kiddy fiddlers, if you know what they are upto )

I even gave them Michael Shrimptons' QC email to me and his public statement ( now pulled by google ) stating porton down had confirmed swine flu was a Bioengineered virus.
Shrimpton is himself a former Judge
and senior Counter intelligence advisor now with UKNDA.

Shrimptons CV can be Found here

The Judge rejected all this as innadmissable, to my knowledge he didn't even bother passing the information on to the police which is his duty.

I even informed the Court that Former Italian Prime Minister had openly stated in Italy's largest newspaper recently that Western Intelligence agencies all know that 9-11 was an inside job carried out by the CIA and Mossad.

Ex Italian PM Francesco Cossiga

Then there is the curious case of
the dancing Israelis

Still, I think of the £700 as in the bank since it was stolen from me unlawfully by the Private Company known as Hull County Court, I presume when sense is restored to this Great land I'll be able to reclaim it from Thorn, Brockman and Hills.

Yates only has two options, he's either an Idiot or a terrorist
He can sue me if he likes, but I will be asking for a Jury.

I now believe him to be actively plotting a Terrorist attack on the British people, it's now my duty to report my suspicions to the police.

Don't bother waiting for Army to do anything, one of my claims in court was that the BBC was actively engaged in Psychological warfare against the British public, Again this was struck out, I even asked the Army's Psyops team at Chicksands to act as an expert witness but to no avail.

People are less and less likely to fall for False flag terror anymore, especially as hundreds of people in this country now make it their business to go around their local communities posting DVD's on such matters through peoples letter boxes.


extant said...

Well reported Lee
None of you want to think this is Bollox, because Lee is 100% right, I have heard it from the Horses mouth.
Be careful Patriots of what you put on Bloggs, even if it is meant to be a bit of light humor, this is serious shit.
I would suspect that any day now we will hear of Nationalists having their doors bashed down for saying they are against 3rd World immigration. None of us have pleasure warning you, but be careful and dont think that avoiding your Civic duty toward the BNP will make a difference, it wont , it will just make our lives worse in the long term!!

Durotrigan said...

The recent spate of such stories about "neo-nazi" terror threats and a so-called "far-right terror spectacular" is utterly bizarre. Your explanation of this as a false-flag operation therefore appears to be the only credible one. The depths which members of our treacherous political elite are now plumbing in an attempt to blacken the name of the BNP and stigmatise all nationalists in the UK are staggering. They truly are utterly repellent.

Adrian Peirson said...

Here's some they did earlier.

Sept 11th and Media Control

July 7th and the impossible train journey

Is Hollywood trying to tell us something

Warnings from History

I can't help thinking if BNP researched this and became the first mainstream political party to comment on this issue it might break their hold on the immigrant vote, I've spoken to a few Asians and most of them know 9-11 and 7-7 were inside jobs..

Course it could turn BNP into a conspiract site, so needs carefull thought, but people are waking up big time to how world really works.