Saturday 28 November 2009

Zionist Sunday Express Attack

Image - Richard Desmond, " I peddle porn and Zionist war propaganda".

I have just had a heads up from Simon Darby that the Sunday Express are going to have another pop at me this weekend about my article on ACPO and attacks on various left wing scum on Harrys Place, where I stated that they should all be sacked.

I despise the Sunday Express.

It is owned by the pornographer in chief of the British porn world Richard Desmond, a particularly loathsome Zionist who likes to let everyone know he is a Jew so as to silence any criticism of his massive pornography empire.

I look forward to the day when the BNP will take power and pass a new British Media Ownership Law that will remove as owners of any media organisation those who have been involved in the sexual exploitation of our people, who own businesses linked to pornography or who are loyal to Israel as opposed to Great Britain.

Media reform is vastly overdue in this country.

It was vile rags like The Sun, owned by the Zionist Rupert Murdoch and the Daily Express owned by the Zionist Richard Desmond, who acted as the primary peddlers of the bogus WMD propaganda used by Bush and Blair to get us into the Iraq War.

I regard Desmond and Murdoch as war criminals on a par with Julius Streicher, who was hanged by the allies after the Second World War for peddling Nazi propaganda that led to the war.

What is good for the Nazis is good for the Zionists.

No doubt though Desmond will scuttle away to Tel Aviv as so many other crooks and criminals have done, from Dame Shirley Porter to Robert Maxwell, with his pockets and bank accounts bulging with money stolen from his staff pension accounts.

As for Harrys Place - it is run and owned by 'one of Britains most prominent Jews' and Zionists a certain David T as described by his chums in the Daily Express.

The Zionist Network runs through every newspaper and encompasses a vast number of lickspittles and catemites in this country.

I enjoy going on the Harrys Place site and giving back to those Zionist hypocrites and scumbag some of the abuse they like to give out to us on a regular basis, such as when they called nick griffin a sub-human a few weeks ago.

The Zionists just love to use the rhetoric of the Nazis, their ideological ancestors.

It appears that the Zionist Network, so expertly revealed by Peter Oborne in his programme the Israel Lobby, really do think they control our democracy and run our country.

Such hubris will not go unpunished.

The entire system of media propaganda, econimic fraud, oil imperialism and Zionist treason that has been built by this network is drenched in blood and misery.

The whole world is sick of the Zionists and their evil hypocrisy and vile shallow cant.

Whilst our British soldiers die in the dust and mud of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Zionist parasites that run our nation mock them and their sacrifice with their treason and usurpation of our national democracy.

The time has come for this network of traitors to be extirpated from our nation, for the ringleaders to be arrested and either prosecuted for treason or simply deported.

The Sunday Express was the primary propagandist for the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the hands of its entire journalistic staff are drenched in the blood of this war.

Richard Desmond has even donated hundreds of thousands of pound to the butchers of New Labour.

Heres some facts on his porn empire ;

Even Rupert Murdoch has his own porn empire ;

To be attacked by this nest of degenerate porn peddlers, snakes and Zionist traitors is the ultimate moral validation.

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly having heard Alistair Campbell recently he said that all newspapers apart from one are propaganda sheets and are used mainly for comment. This change had come about over the last 30 years in the UK. The one that he said was a straight reporter is the FT though I suspect he is wrong on that one as well.

Anonymous said...

Lee, genuine question -where do you think zionists should be deported to?

Defender of Liberty said...

Errrr let me think about that.

How about Israel ?

Those that put the interests of a foreign nation before their own are traitors and therefore they can go and live in the nation to whom they owe their alliegance.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the correct spelling 'catamite'?

Andraste said...

Zionists should be deported; they should be carted off to Israel without prejudice, and this policy will be carried out in exactly the same way that Jihadists will be dumped in Afghanistan. If you are a Zionist or a Jihadist there is no place for you in Britain. Both ideologies are anti-British, both sets of fanatics are scum.

Kratos said...

I think you are a good man whose only fault is just looking after his folks just like others are doing in our faces 24/7.

David T hypocritically posted an item pretending to loath the Swiss for banning minarets, but he is gloating deep in his ugly soul. After all, his synagogues were not worthy of any architectural significance.

The first synagogues Jews built here in the UK all looked like Turkish mosques, best example been one in Leeds which is now a music school.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance(former synagogue)

Anonymous said...

I'd quite like to be deported to Israel, will my wife be deported too (she disagrees with me about the middle east?) how about my children? Will I be allowed back into england to visit them, what will happen to my house and my job when I'm deported?

There's a woman at work I quite fancy- please can you deport her with me, if she pretends to be a zionist it might work out quite nicely for us both.

Is this official BNP policy, I might vote for you lot if it means I get setup with a new life in a warmer country. Please explain more and point me to the parts of the manifesto.