Thursday 3 December 2009

1 Million Muslims in London Alone

There are over 1 million Muslims in London alone.


75% support for the ban on minarets in London Daily News poll

News Desk

Londoners support the Swiss government’s decision to ban minarets and mosques according to a new poll in The London Daily News, further highlighting the "sensitivities" and concerns in the capital at the growing influence of Islam.

Callers to London's leading early morning radio show, the Nick Ferrari programme on LBC, also expressed their concerns with one caller citing how "out of character" a minaret would be if built in London.

London is the home to one of the largest number of mosques in the western world,apart from Turkey, with estimates putting the number at over one hundred. The "minaret" issue has become ever more controversial with the growth of Islamic extremism in the capital, and calls by a minority for Sharia law to be observed by all.

Harrow Council recently approved the building of the largest mosque in the capital, which will see Harrow Central Mosque serving Muslim worshippers from across north London when it is built on Station Road. Construction News in a report said:

"The designs include a 40m-high minaret, a gym, a crèche and a café within the 5,745 square metre developments. It is expected to open next year after Harrow Council approved changes to the original plans, which were passed in June 2000."

Increasingly London Muslims are demanding mosques to be built with traditional minarets, which reflect the liberal regime in place in the capital city. There are an estimated 1 million Muslims in London.

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Anonymous said...

Keep tuggin' at that forelock you Pommie Gits....See where its got you....All F***cked up that's where.

When will you ever learn ?

Is it ever "hateful, prejudicial, bigotted or uncourageously uncaring" to discriminate that you have been slated for destruction....

What have you become Anglo -Saxons and Celts if not a pathetic indictment of what you used to represent..

You deserve extinction in your own homelands.

Now stop your whining and go have a cleanse yourselves of the shame that you seem not to feel.

Red Squirrel said...

Why don't you fuck off mate? Speaking from your 'hidey- hole'
If you think you have more guts than us, come and join the resistance? I am ready to give my life for my Kin.
And speaking of extinction, why don't you stick your head down the carsey instead of up your self righteous arse!

Anonymous said...


You and others like you make my cause much easier to spread to others.

I salute Lee for posting your PATHETIC WORDS. Now he should expose your ip address.

NoisySiamese said...

Lee, I would like to point out that that "One Million" statistic is in fact a figure from 2002. God only knows what sort of figures we have right now... the 2011 census will be interesting. The London population will have increased considerably anyway with legal..and illegal immigration, and immigrant breeding patterns although "White Flight" will of course distort these figures. A Muslim girl that was 4 in 2002 probably has two kids by now. A mother who has two kids in 2002 probably has 5 more by now..In 2008, the most popular name in London was Mohammed and its variants. There were twice as many boys named Mohammed than the next most popular name, Samuel.

Anonymous said...

Feisty piece of work... Wranger Red ?

There should and need be more of you.

Anonymous said...


The purpose of it was indeed to make your cause much easier to spread to others.

I know my own kind because my heritage is of the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons....

IP publishing.? Self harm should remain in the realm of the manic depressive EMO bloggers.

I've had my visits from the Art Peddlars Andy and am well known to those that matter.