Saturday 19 December 2009

The Way of the Samurai

The way of the samurai is a sacred verse,
Where every is line is lived,
As the cutting song of a sword,
Or the sinister sigh of a bow,
A lonely path to the peak,
Where dawn arises, a delicate,
Red bud of cherry blossom,
Abloom upon nights black bough,
Perfect in its fiery moment,
A lifetime lived in every breath,
Where the only peace is war,
Upon the beauty of a battlefield,
Where honour is the highest virtue,
And immortality awaits a noble death.

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Anonymous said...

this is more like it, nick pinpointing the carbon bull at the door of the bankers and their royal backers who are seeking to enslave us all in a worldwide system that will eventually lead to ww3 and genocide.

nick really has to address the bankinking power in detail if he wishes to get anywhere.

i have posted this link before about the banking system, but it has to be passed on to nick.

it is well researched and exposes a global takover.

also alex jones has done a lot of work tracing thier actual quotes to decode thir real agenda in their own words.

nick discussing a book on the nwo

this could be the catalist the party needs.

Adrian Peirson said...

Just a suggestion for an election Video.

We want our Country

Adrian P said...

Could show them walking through deepest darkest birmingham, kingscross etc....ending up outside parliament and demanding, 'we want our country'
I see Lee as Borgnine's Character

Dammit even the music is appropriate.

Adrian P said...

Not seen this blog before

European Union Times