Thursday 10 December 2009

Film Review - 2012


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lormarie said...

What was wrong with it? You are the first person I've heard who didn't like it.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormarie,

I hope you are well.

The special effects were good, but the story dull and interminable and utter rubbish.

Every scene was a rehash of the last scene - man in danger, ground falls away, saved by an inch, gets away.

Man in danger, ground falls away, saved by an inch, gets away.

Plane flies through falling building, then gets away - then plane flies through falling building, then gets away.

Yawn, ad infinitum.

If you want to see a good film see Harry Brown - that is excellent, and it will show Americans what parts of Britain are really like - hell holes as bad, and if not worse, than anything you have in the inner cities in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Another disaster movie grooming for 'you must agree with us' ' we need to tax everyone to stop this...end of the World ''according to Yaweh ''

Adrian Peirson said...

Not seen it yet but from what I heard its as stated above, A mass brainwashing campaign, hand over the money or the baby polar bear gets it.

I've noticed a few Signs up recently, one is a child building a snowman, the caption reads something like Snowmen don't want global warming either.

In other words, hand over the money or your children will never be able to build a snowman again.

Another poster was of a dried up village pond with a child's boat in the mud at the bottom.

I Forget the caption but the message is obvious, give us the money or you and your son will never be able to sail that model boat in the village pond again.

Another poster has a young mother with a baby breastfeeding, the caption reads, am I doing it right.

The response is, visit NHS mother and baby something or other.....

Note it doesn't say ask your mum or ask your gran, it says forget mum and gran, ask the state what to do.

Look at the amount on our TV screens where minorities are placed at the front of audiences.
BBC audiences are jam packed with them.
Do you find these same numbers in Jeremy Kyle show audiences, road wars, street wars etc...
Why not ? because the Jeremy kyle show is to denigrate the British people, I dont watch regularly but I have yet to see a minority on there.

Would be worth BNP doing a monthly round up of the Psychological War being waged on our streets and on our TV screens to educate the British people about what is going on out there.
even if you had to pay lets say £100 for some ex Psyops guy or advertiser to do the monthly article, it would be a massive eyeopener to the British public.
There could be no denying what the state is up to.