Monday 28 December 2009

Akmal Shaikh and China

I just watched the BBC news and felt sick.

The idiot BBC new reporter said to the family of the heroin smuggler Akmal Shaikh that 'it must be a difficult time for you'.


The guy smuggled heroin into china and got caught.

He is guilty of drugs smuggling into a nation that kills drug smugglers.

The BBC make me sick.

Whenever some ethnic with a 'british passport' is arrested somewhere in the world for drug smuggling then it is non-stop sympathetic reporting.

Compare that to their treatment of people in Britain who are arrested for the crime of 'racism' eg expressing an opinion that some liberal idiot has criminalised, then there is never any sympathy - just abuse and vilification.

It appears that in the warped mind and moral darkness of the BBC, the plight of drug smuggling criminals - especially if they are ethnics - is far more deserving of sympathy and understanding than any person, regardless of their circumstances, arrested for racism.

Racism is now regarded as more criminal than paedophilia and heroin drug smuggling.

China knows how to deal with criminals who smuggle hard drugs into their country.

Shoot them in the head then harvest their organs to transplant into people with illnesses.

Thats a policy that works.

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear i couldn't agree more, Sky news has been the same,oh the poor "Briton". He's not British, he's not mentally unfit, he's a drug smuggler and deserves everything that he gets!

Peter Sutcliffe voted Labour said...

This man we are informed ran a taxi firm for 3 years in inner London.
1) If he was mentally ill how would he have done this?
2) This is a very tough business to be in these days especially in the inner cities.You have to have tour wits about you.
Alot of taxi firms are owned by organised crime.Need i say any more.

Anonymous said...

Note to BNP propaganda dept. Election poster. Left hand side Gordon Brown "appalled and devastated" by which Britons death on Decemeber 29th? then show a picture of a squaddie in Afgahnistan and the convicted drug smugler... Do it big in Barking.

Shaun, Sussex said...

Too right to carry out the death sentence. I am Bi Polar, it doesn't affect my moral judgement. One spin off during a manic episode can be heightened sex drive. Do I go out and rape? No, because it is wrong.
Although I only support the death penalty for murder and stranger/child rape in England, he KNEW the penalties in China. BiPolar people are anything but stupid.
And as a bonus, he ain't coming back here to pedal his filth or sponge off the State.