Wednesday 2 December 2009

Sharia Law Takes Over Sheffield Schools

Image - Sharia Law takes over courtesy of Political Correctness

Published Date: 01 December 2009

FIRST class footbaths have been installed at a Sheffield primary school for Muslim pupils wanting to wash their feet before prayer sessions.

Springfield Primary at Broomhall is believed to be the first school in the city to install such facilities, which are now used each day by up to 50 children.

The baths were installed in the pupils' toilet areas by local building maintenance company NRC Services Ltd, and were especially popular during Ramadan.

Headteacher Beth Stevenson said: "The school has always worked closely with parents and has listened to their needs and requests.

"A number of children pray at dinner times especially during Ramadan, and for their prayers to be meaningful they need to wash beforehand.

Beth said: "To let them do this we introduced a programme of building work that includes fitting foot washing facilities for all our Key Stage 2 children.

"We believe we are one of the first primary schools in Sheffield to do this.

"Myself and our premises manager Paul Milnes have worked closely with NRC Services and their project managers John Cartledge and Lee Montgomery, to ensure we have high-quality work done.

"The children have been respectful of the introduction of the foot washing and it has been warmly received by parents."

Parent Amina Ali, mum of pupil Abdiemalik, said she was grateful to Mrs Stevenson for respecting Muslim traditions.

She said: "I was happy when I heard about the foot washing and I am still happy. The school is supportive of all the children."

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extant said...

Re- Parent Amina Ali, mum of pupil Abdiemalik, said she was grateful to Mrs Stevenson for respecting Muslim traditions.

What she really means is "you dumb fks, we are taking over ; introducing new presedents every day and you are to fkn stupid to see it"

I have absolutely no doubt that Europe will be an Islamic State within 15 years.

Remember my words well.


lormarie said...

Is this a private or public school? If it's public (funded by government/tax payers), I can't see why this is allowed. Sounds like pandering.

Anonymous said...

'''such facilities, which are now used each day by up to 50 children.''

and then they 'll be used by 100 children and then 200....

Newdawn said...

but the brainwashing staff , our educators and the liberal left fascists in government care nothing for any British traditions....

extant said...

Lee , you have obviously seen the butterfly effect.
Everytime he attempts to put something right, he does something worse to try and cover it up or make it better.
The Establishment filth are stuck in a perpetual time warp, but their time is running out fast and they know it.

Maybe you should write a story "The Butterfly Effect" , im sure with your skills it would be brilliant :o)


Adrian Peirson said...

drip drip drip,

I blogged about this two yrs ago, but did anyone listen.

Britain and
Europe to become Islamic

Merry Chrisimas

Anonymous said...

off topic,


good to see Nick nailing the NWO in his MEP blog and speeches, no longer does nick need to keep his words abstract as they have admited their intentions of a NWO themselfs many times. and the hoax has now been exposed to the public at large through climategate.

No longer does he need to be coy as some in the party were in fear of being called conspiracy theorists, yet now to NOT expose this group would show that you would be part of what is an obvious conspiracy and to lead nationalsm down a blind alley, ONLY once the public understand the NWO and its conspiracy will they then understand the importance of nationalism.

Globalism and its authoritarianism will soon face MASSIVE opposition and the BNP need to capitalise on being the antidote, both in nationalism and embracing liberties within a nationalistic framework.

all other ideologies fall short in tackling the NWO, ONLT the BNP have the answers, to play this down would be suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Looks like stupid and dim Tim is about to ge given a safe seat to go with the baron.

Wonder if he will give his seat up for an ethnic minority?