Wednesday 2 December 2009

The Irish Wake Up - called racists

When the majority of Irish people disagree with a minority of left wing idiots and demand an end to immigration and the removal of illegal immigrants, the minority call them racists.

Therefore who are the fascists ?

Those who seek to usurp democracy and impose the tyranny of the minority or the majority who views are called racist ?

Warning of rise in racism
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IRISH ATTITUDES towards immigrants are hardening as people search for someone to blame for their worsening economic situation, a leading NGO has warned.

Crosscare Migrant Project, which provides information to migrants, has also appealed to the Government to maintain funding for projects to assist immigrants to integrate into Irish life.

Conor Hickey, director of the Crosscare Migrant Project, said yesterday people “rolled out the red carpet for migrants” willing to do the jobs they were not willing to do a few years ago. This carpet is being “rolled back” against a backdrop of rising unemployment and the threat of racism, he said.

Mr Hickey said a poll published in The Irish Times this week, which showed 72 per cent of people want to see the number of non-Irish immigrants here reduced, demonstrated there is a danger of racism rising as people feel the pinch from the recession.

“We have very little to show from the years of the Celtic Tiger. Our roads, transport system and banks are all in a mess but the one thing we have achieved is a vibrant multicultural society that has enriched our society,” he said.

At the launch of a new Crosscare Migrant Project Living in Ireland booklet to help migrants integrate into society, guest speaker Dil Wickremasinghe, who presents the Global Village show on Newstalk, cited a recent example of racism in Ireland.

She said she received a large amount of abusive text messages during a programme dealing with immigration. About 60 per cent of the texts received during a show discussing the call by Mayor of Limerick, Fine Gael councillor Kevin Kiely, for the deportation of EU nationals who fail to secure employment in Ireland, were abusive.

Crosscare Migrant Project is appealing to the Government ahead of next month’s budget to maintain funding for projects aimed at assisting immigrants to integrate into Irish life. The McCarthy report proposed cuts in the area of social integration, including the abolition of the Office of the Minister for Integration and a reduction of 1,000 in the number of language support teachers.

Joe O’Brien, policy officer of Crosscare Migrant Project, said the NGO was very concerned about the proposed cutbacks.

The Crosscare Migrant Project booklet Living in Ireland provides practical information on education, healthcare, accommodation, culture and society in Ireland. It is available in several languages and is online at

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extant said...

Hmm, this dont quite fit the bent Irish Referendem vote that clearly said the Irish that they are no longer in control of Immigration, does it !!

I was speaking to a very close Irish freind 2 weeks ago , he said that Ireland was now unrecognisable and peoples attitudes toward the rapid demographic change is at absolute boiling point.
The coming years will make the IRA problems look like kinder Garden stuff.


holodomor said...

If, just if, a million unemployed Brits in this country (and Ireland)took low paid jobs, how would this affect our societies?
It would have the affect of putting 1 million ethnic invaders on the dole. Can you imagine the dent this would make in our lovely multi-racial society.
Perhaps many would leave our country.Perhaps many would tell their brothers and cousins not to come.
It is a weapon the British have at their disposal. Many would have to work for less than they earned on the dole.They would, if they could work for a lower amount by doing somethng for their country, something worth while.
There are of course many advantages to working rather than waisting away on the dole, pride for example.
I know it would never happen, but just imagine if someone or some organisation could motivate these people to take these jobs that immigrants will.

Anonymous said...

The cultural conservative will do everything to protect the best of all cultures..

Reject in totality "Multiculturalism" wherever the lie is whispered by that Scima WormTongue.

None of us need the rule of Globalist Prigs.

deno22 said...

The so called Loyalist parties who sit in Stormont and the Irish Government have sold their own people down the river in the name of multi culturalism. I read an article in the Irish Times which blames the BNP for the rise in racist attacks. They are ignoring the plight of their people, just as the Scottish and Engish Governments are doing. Only the BNP will save Britain and Ireland.