Saturday 26 December 2009

British Zionist Network In Crisis

Note the focus on the people in this article - they say they are British but then call non-Jews 'goyim' which is a perjorative word for non-Jews. The word Goyim is the same word as Kuffar used by Muslims, a word that in effect is like Nigger, but the law does not arrest Jews or Muslims for calling people Kuffar or Goyim.

Note also that the author sees the role of British Jews in British society to defend Muslims, and not defend the interests of the British White majority and assimilated non-white British citizens - how can anyone define themselves as British when they work not for the interest of the majority of British people but solely for minority groups ?

One can be a Jew or Muslim and be a British citizen, but you can only be British if you adopt the interests of the majority of Britons and also assimilate yourself into the British way of life and regard yourself as a part of British society, not as an adjunct to British society working for the interests of your own group and any other minority.

That way everyones interests in society are the same.

The time has come to ban multi-culturalism.

If you enter this country and are given citizenship then that requires total assimilation and loyalty to the interests of the majority.

Instead of this community groups are allowed to form to represent their own ethnic interests at the expense of the rest of society.

At the same time as these minority groups want to work for the benefit of their own community and other minority communities they scream 'racism' at the ethnic majority when they dare organise to protect their community interests in the democratic process.

This hypocrisy is sickening.

The idea that a Jewish minority working for the interests of the Muslims equates to a functional British society is insanity - each group must assimilate into the majority and work for the interests of the majority, not perpetuate the process of social fragmentation as defined by multi-culturalism.

Note also the peddling of the neo-nazi menace and attacks on the BNP in the article - it appears that for some sections of the Jewish intelligensia in Britain, the spokespeople of the British Jewish community at all times must be attacking the British ethnic majority and those all organisations that represent the interests of the indigenous people as 'racist' and defining any group, regardless of the truth, as nazis.

What hypocrisy.

Whistleblowers say top Zionist institutions in unprecedented crisis

By Redress Information & Analysis

26 December 2009

Britain’s leading Jewish institutions are facing their worst crisis in living memory as their loyalty to the United Kingdom and support for basic universal principles of human rights and common decency come under growing scrutiny.

In recent weeks Redress Information & Analysis has has been approached by a number of existing and former employees and volunteers of prominent Jewish bodies, all pointing to an acute internal crisis within their institutions.

Breaking ranks

The first to make contact with us were two whistleblowers from the Board of Deputies of British Jews. They explained to us the nature and scope of the crisis gripping Britain’s top Jewish institutions and offered to put us in contact with people in the Office of the Chief Rabbi and the Jewish Chronicle newspaper. We took up the offer.

Naturally, we were curious as to why our interlocutors chose or were willing to talk to Redress Information & Analysis rather than voice their concerns to a national media outlet such as the Guardian, the Independent or the BBC. All said that they were worried that their names would be leaked back to their institutions or published in the press and that, as a result, they would be sacked or ostracized by their Jewish relatives and friends. Some feared the possibility of “moles” in the national media, or people in these media who have “special relations” with the Jewish institutions, doing the leaking.

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to corroborate the identity of our contacts and can confirm that they are all genuine – that they are who they said they are and that they work, or have worked, for the institutions they said they worked for.

Our contacts agreed for us to publish their concerns and to quote them but strictly on condition of anonymity. Consequently, we have undertaken not to publish their names, gender or the dates on which we made contact with them, although, to emphasize once again, their identity and the Jewish institutions for which they currently work or have recently worked have been verified beyond any doubt.

Our Jewish contacts expressed common concerns, focusing on questions about their identity and loyalty to Britain – the country of their birth – and on the attitude of their institutions towards the State of Israel, especially in the wake of the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip in 2008-09, in which Israel killed 1,400 Palestinians, injured more than 5,000 and wreaked carnage and destruction on the 1.5 million inhabitants of the Strip.

Board of Deputies of British Jews – under “unbearable pressure”

Our contacts at the Board of Deputies of British Jews described the crisis ripping through Britain’s Jewish institutions in stark terms. One said:

Our support for Israel, especially its attack on Gaza in 2008-09, is creating ruptures in the wider Jewish community in Britain and placing institutions such as ours under unbearable pressure. The fact that the Board of Deputies’ support for Israel is couched in relatively anodyne terms and in a superficially impartial context no longer works. The wider Jewish community, and the general public at large, are beginning to see through this.

For the first time in my memory, we are being pressed by British Jews to answer questions that have always been in the backs of our minds but which we can no longer brush aside. Are we British or are we Israelis? If we are British, then is it not incumbent upon us to question, as the wider British public is questioning, the policies and behaviour of the State of Israel without harbouring any feelings of disloyalty – because our loyalty is to the UK and not to Israel?

Our second contact at the Board of Deputies of British Jews added:

Israel purports to speak on behalf of us as Jews. Many in our community are telling us that we therefore have a special responsibility – more so than Britons of other faiths or those of no faith – to condemn Israel’s violations of human rights and common decency when dealing with the Palestinians. Many others are saying that we should say explicitly and unequivocally – both as individuals and through our community institutions – that our loyalty is to Britain first, second, third and fourth ad infinitum, that we have no special loyalty or allegiance to Israel and that, for us, Israel is just another country, like France, Italy or Spain.

They say that we should distance ourselves from Israel and be the first to condemn its policies and actions towards the Palestinian people. A small but growing minority – a minority that is growing exponentially, I hasten to add – tell us that we should go further and take the lead in calling for the boycott of Israel until it implements all United Nations resolutions, including Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967, and until it begins to behave as a civilized and responsible member of the international community.

But I would say that the question of our allegiance is the one that is the most serious and damaging in the long term. It does not help in this regard when some of our Jewish ministers, such as the foreign secretary, David Miliband, and the Foreign Office minister, Ivan Lewis, are either openly pro-Israel or are seen to be supporters of Israel. This casts doubt on the loyalty of all of us to Britain, our country.

Office of the Chief Rabbi – “living in a time warp”

According to our contact at the Office of the Chief Rabbi, the problems facing Jewish institutions in Britain have been compounded by the failure of these institutions to adapt in the light of international developments and a sea-change in British public opinion. The contact said that this failure applied to the Office of the Chief Rabbi as much as to any other Jewish organization in the UK. In the contact’s own words:

The Office of the Chief Rabbi, the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Chronicle and many other Jewish organizations up and down the country – at universities, for instance – are living in a time warp, as if today were 1948 or the eve of the 1967 war.

The world has changed, and the information the community has available to it shows that we Jews are not in peril – on the contrary, Jews in the UK and throughout Europe are prospering like never before. Anti-Semitism – by which I mean racist, anti-Jewish feeling – has all but vanished. In fact, it is the Muslims, not the Jews, who are bearing the brunt of racism in Europe. Islamophobia, spurred on by neo-Nazi parties and neo-conservatives, is what we Jews, as members of a wider multi-cultural community, should be fighting against.

In fact, I would say that thanks to an abundance of reliable information now available on the internet, even those who live in a time warp are living a fiction in a time warp built on myths. Israel was never in danger from its impotent but bombastic neighbours: we saw this in 1956, when it invaded Egypt together with Britain and France, and we saw it again in 1967, which we now know was being planned for by Israeli leaders ever since the 1956 fiasco.

Yet, our community leaders, including – I am sorry to say – the Office of the Chief Rabbi, would never publicly acknowledge this. I have no idea what they think or believe in private, in their own conscience, between themselves and God, but I cannot imagine any intelligent, well-educated and open-minded person not recognizing matters as they are. And if they are conscious of reality but act differently, what does that make them? I think I’ll leave you to answer that question.

It pains me to say this but our self-appointed leaders, including the Chief Rabbi, have built our community institutions on foundations that are more appropriate to 1930s Germany than the Europe of the 21st century. You cannot have healthy institutions based on a make-believe world of fear and distrust of everyone and everything that is not Jewish. If we Jews are to have Jewish institutions per se, then these institutions should have as their primary objectives community cohesion, including full integration into our wider society, British society. We cannot – and should not want to – live in a ghetto. Our focus should be on our own country, the UK, not on promoting, speaking on behalf of, answering or apologizing for Israel.

As far as Israel is concerned, our approach should be no different than that of any other British organization, be it Amnesty International, a trade union or a professional association. In other words, we should condemn it when it is in the wrong and we should praise it when it does the right thing. In other words, our approach should be based entirely on merit. Unfortunately, I see no signs of this happening any time soon.

The Jewish Chronicle – “engaging in subterfuge”

Our whistleblower at the Jewish Chronicle gave a damning assessment of the internal crisis engulfing the UK’s Jewish institutions, as reflected in the Chronicle, Britain’s top Zionist newspaper and Israeli mouthpiece.

According to the whistleblower, the newspaper is “in denial” and “sticking its head in the sand” in response to the changes in UK public opinion, especially following Israel’s onslaught on Gaza. Echoing some of the views expressed by our source at the Office of the Chief Rabbi, our contact at the Jewish Chronicle said that, instead of acknowledging the changing reality around it and adapting accordingly, the paper’s management has “gone in the opposite direction and is “engaging in subterfuge”. However, our contact says, this “isn’t washing and it won’t wash”.

According to our whistleblower, the Jewish Chronicle is making a conscious effort to brand itself as a moderate newspaper that is focused on the affairs of Britain’s 280,000 Jews and in tune with mainstream British public opinion. However, our whistleblower says, in reality it is “embracing the neo-conservative agenda on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, lock, stock and barrel”, and its primary concern is “to be on-message with Israeli foreign policy, whatever Israeli government is in power – Likud, Kadima, Labour or some abominable ultra-far-right party”.

Our whistleblower was especially scathing about the Jewish Chronicle’s editor, Stephen Pollard, describing him as “uncharismatic, myopic and an inarticulate and clumsy spokesman” who has “bought a one-way ticket to a parallel universe”. The whistleblower said that Mr Pollard “is so detached from reality and so out of touch with British public opinion that the notion that anyone with just an average intelligence might see right through what he’s doing could not even cross his mind”.

According to our whistleblower, the idea of breaking with tradition and recruiting Martin Bright in September 2009 as the Jewish Chronicle’s first-ever non-Jewish chief political editor was Mr Pollard’s “master-plan for creating an image of the Jewish Chronicle as a mainstream newspaper and to boost its circulation, which currently stands at just over 30,400 for the UK and the Republic of Ireland – slightly more than your average local newspaper rag”.

Shortly after his appointment Mr Bright told the Independent: "The idea is to broaden the scope of their [the Jewish Chronicle’s] political coverage. It would be fair to say that they want to move the political coverage away from the more parochial approach they have had in the past and rather than saying 'What will interest our Jewish readers?' they are saying that what interests readers will be what interests anyone in politics."

But, our whistleblower says, Mr Pollard “picked the wrong goy” [gentile] because “not only is Martin Bright a media has-been, but he’s also a card carrying neo-conservative with strident views against Muslims and a strong affinity to Israel and, therefore, would carry little credibility with the wider newspaper-reading public”.

Martin Bright’s career has followed a trajectory that has taken him from the national to the fringe media. After a steady rise between 1993 and 2005, which saw him move from a minor BBC magazine to the Guardian (national, circulation: 430,000), the Observer (national, circulation: 500,000) and the New Statesman (national, circulation: 30,000), where he was appointed political editor, in 2009 Mr Bright left the magazine under a cloud, amid speculation that his strong support for Israel, especially after the slaughter in Gaza, was too much for it to stomach. His career prospects then took a dive when, in September 2009, he joined the Jewish Chronicle (fringe, circulation: 30,400) as chief political editor.

A self-proclaimed leftist, Mr Bright subscribes to a broadly neo-conservative agenda on Islam and the "war on terror", and believes that opposition to Israeli policies and actions “on the left was only explicable as anti-Semitism”. He is the author of a pamphlet for the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange in which he attacked UK government dialogue with Muslims, a pamphlet that was warmly praised by the leading US neo-conservative Richard Perle. His friends include Observer columnist Nick Cohen who infamously declared after meeting Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz for drinks at the Mayfair nightclub Annabel's: "I was in the presence of a politician committed to extending human freedom." Since his appointment at the Jewish Chronicle, Mr Bright has begun writing for the website of the right-wing Spectator.

Our contact at the Jewish Chronicle said:

As a strategy for extending the scope of the Jewish Chronicle’s appeal, the choice of Martin Bright as our chief political editor just underlines how out of touch with the real world Stephen Pollard is. It isn’t just a question of Martin’s neo-conservative and Israel baggage – and the circumstances under which he left the News Statesman – but what about the rest of the Jewish Chronicle’s coverage?

Take a look at some of our commentators and columnists. The average British reader would take one glance and say “What a rogues gallery!” You have Tzipi Livni, that broken record Melanie Phillips and, worse of all, Geoffrey Aldeman. For God’ sake, Geoffrey Alderman is one of our regular columnist, believe it or not! For a newspaper that’s struggling to keep its readers, the choice of Geoffrey Alderman is a damn strange one, but that’s Stephen Pollard for you.

Alderman believes that Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are legal, even though they are universally acknowledged as illegal under international law.

Moreover, in an article published in the Jewish Chronicle, he said that Islam was founded "in part, on an explicit anti-Jewish discourse".

Most controversially, in early 2009 Alderman argued that according to Jewish religious law, it was "entirely legitimate to kill" every Palestinian in Gaza who voted for Hamas.

For our whistleblower at the Jewish Chronicle, the fact that Mr Alderman was still a regular columnist for the newspaper after making these comments was not just “bad, bad public relations”, but was “scandalous and outrageous, morally and politically”. The whistleblower said:

Geoffrey Alderman spits out stuff that not even the British National Party, Combat-18 and the Ku Klux Klan would dare say these days.

Just imagine what would have happened if a British Muslim columnist said that it was fine to kill Israelis who voted for a government that slaughters Palestinian civilians. The whole country, from Westminster to the media, from the tabloids to the so-called “quality papers” to the BBC and ITN, would be up in arms with condemnations day and night, day after day for weeks on end. Politicians and others would be calling for prosecutions, Stephen Pollard would be rushing from one TV studio to another bellowing “anti-Semitism”.

But here we go, Alderman in effect condoning the murder of innocent civilians and he still writes for the Jewish Chronicle. What a way to appeal to the broader public! What morality!

All of our whistleblowers, some of whom are not quoted here but who nevertheless gave us an invaluable insight into the Jewish institutions to which they are affiliated, said that their experience in their institutions had been life-changing, in that it had altered their views of Britain’s Jewish “leaders”, Israel and the Palestinian cause in a most profound way.

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The Sentinel said...

Is anyone else sick of carping, snide Jews?
Have we had enough of the holocaust card? The eternal victims? The "master race" that looks down on us goyim? That plots and sneaks and smears and lies?
That peddles 'vibrant' 'diverse' 'rainbow' multicultism as a means of destroying western nations?
That denies all other "holocausts" carried out in its name?

I have.

Time to tell them to fuck off!

A. Ryan said...

If Jews work against the BNP they cannot be British Jews; they are working against Britain.

Nothing new there then.
They work against every nation.
Always have done.
They are the master race. Their Talmudic bankers and media poisoners are winding up the pressure against them yet again.
As it begins to erupt they will bring out the racist and holocaust card, yet again.

They should ALL be returned to Israel, where they and their muslim other half can nuke one another into oblivion.
It would do the world a big favour.

Before they leave though, let's ask them about the Russian, Chinese and Cambodian holocausts and what caused them, and about the seven million aborted white British chidren ... or should I say 'Goyim'?

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi chaps,

I can only put up comments that are not illegal in the UK.

If they are illegal or potentially then they cant go up - sorry,



Rement inc. said...

The eternal victims -

It would be best if they just went home.

bluehorse9 said...

"I can only put up comments that are not illegal in the UK."

By whose laws? The master race?

Anonymous said...

Here is another whistleblower. This article by an American rabbi really deserves to be widely read. It's not easy for anyone to accuse you of antisemitism when you are quoting a rabbi.

Rabbi Schifren says jews are divided into two camps: the good ones and "This second camp [which] is about control of human beings. It holds a vision of a One World Order, together with Marx, Trotsky, and Lenin — an evil that, to date, has claimed nearly two hundred million souls."
This means these bad jews are 33 (=200million/6million) times more genocidal than the germans ever were.

The rabbi continues: "I find myself having crossed the political Rubicon. As a conservative, passionate advocate of America's freedom for individual liberties and speech, I have become a pariah in the Jewish community."
That statement seems to imply that american Jews mostly back the ADL and its agenda i.e. the bad guys.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Melanie!

Rijker said...

Anonymous said...

"The time has come to ban multi-culturalism."

Again Lee be careful what you wish for, such as limiting population and mono culturalism, what might seem a good ideoloy will be highjacked by the NWO for their own evil plan and we have to be careful of not falling into the trap of appearing to support them by exposing them.

My point is this - having a mono culture is what the NWO WILL want soon enough, once they have total power and absolute control of the propaganda, then the mono culture will be peddled as soon as national identity is destroyed and `world` identity embraced - `world slaves` for the elites.

The world `culture` will be defined and enforced by the NWO.

This is why it is absolutely critical to democratic nationalists to expose the NWO at every opportunity and to wake the masses, so the masses can see where they are heading and will understand why.

Only then will the masses wish disband this undemocratic tyranny, once they identify the controlers and it's aims.

This is why fragmentation and chaos is currently promoted by the NWO as it is the distraction and destruction of society that has to be torn down in order for `them` to rebuild it. it works as long as no one knows who is pulling the strings and why.

The public are not stupid - the public is ignorant - not the same thing.

show the public the NWO plot and who heads that plot and their plans start to crumble - unless you leave it too late.

I fear the BNP have left it FAR too late and yet this was the key to unlock nationalism to the masses!

If the BNP do not start to expose the NWO in detail and in full - NAMES not just ideology, then unfortunately I see no tactical hope for the BNP.

As it's only other hope would be circumstance luck through a tipping point. pinning everything on that I fear in colonised NWO Britain is not a stratagy - more a random suicide mission as can be seen all around us.

A book by Nick would be ideal, he has promised such a book and he will need many expert contributers, but when? - the EU has already ratified, copenhagen already has the seeds - what the hell are we waiting for?

If Kemp who otherwise has been a strong figure still thinks it is a bad idea at this stage then it is time he was moved aside with immediate effect.

If this does not happen, then adopt the fetal position as that is about the only stratagy left.

without the masses with you and FULLY aware - you have nothing.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but, the BNP says (well the Green Arrow site) that 'anti-Semitic' people should go elsewhere, the BNP doesn't want them. It also talks of 'Brave little Israel' (my arse!).

Ask Green Arrow, the 'voice of free speech', he will certainly ban everyone from saying anything other than his 'permitted opinion'.

Adrian P said...

Sounds like they are setting up the battle lines, Forging alliances, Leftists, Greens, Zionists, Muslims, Migrants against errr, the British people,
most of whom are totally oblivious and as someone pointed out, they are ignorant though not necesarily stupid.
Worse yet they can be and are manipulated into siding with the side that ultimately intends their Doom.

What is going on, the destruction of Western Civilisation in order to set up a New World Order needs to be explained to the masses, but the onslaught against us is so multifaceted the mind boggles.

Maybe a series of articles on 'conspiracty theories' is in order, like

The Bank of England being a Private Company.
The NOT Bank of England

That the Fed is a Private Company.
The equally misleadingly named Federal Reserve

Or Kennedy being killed because executive Order 11110 would have put the Fed out of business.
Executive Order 11110

The Protocols of Zion as recommended reading by Dr Len Horowitz.
Western Medicine and the Protocols

That Britain is run by Zionists for the brenefit of Zionists, not the British people.
The Zionist Olympics

Or, A picture being worth a thousdand words,
you could just keeep it simple and have a more polished professional version of this done.

The Edge of Eternity

Or maybe both approaches.

It specifically states in a supposedly forged document ( yea, another one ), silent weapons for a secret war, that the war against the West will be silent and multifaceted, the enemy ( us ) will have no idea what is going on.

Silent weapons for Quiet Wars

Those already on board will stay on board, my guess is that explaining what is going on to those poor confused Brits, sitting on the fence wondering what the Hell is going on will only increase that number.

Though I wouldn't like the resposibility for getting it wrong.

Adrian P said...

Saving our Women

Adrian P said...

Probably this Dissaray is false, they will feign disgust with Israel so they can Forge alliances with Migrants, and Leftists to finish off Western European Sovereignties.

The 'forged' Protocols

Yngwarr said...

god mogon Sir Lee,

If I caan help you all and you in partic...
I don't do it I can't

to Redress Information & Analysis

I a gree with you but what WHAT we caan tdoooooooo? Shut up i'd shoouuuwwnniiii yr kng

Lee prbl..y

Good Luck boys

I'm not englishmaan but you pr... smart people at all...


Woers rgrds (yeaaa.. its hstory)

UCranian fro''n mexico

Yngwarr said...


Anonymous said...

god mogon Sir Lee,

If I caan help you all and you in partic...
I don't do it I can't

to Redress Information & Analysis

I a gree with you but what WHAT we caan tdoooooooo? Shut up i'd shoouuuwwnniiii youuuur king

Lee prbl..y

good luck boys

I'm not englishmaan but you pr... smart people.


Woers rgrds (yeaaa.. its hstory)

UCranian fro''n mexico

Anonymous said...

god mogon Sir Lee,

If I caan help you all and you in partic...
I don't do it I can't

to Redress Information & Analysis

I a gree with you but what WHAT we caan tdoooooooo? Shut up i'd shoouuuwwnniiii youuuur king

Lee prbl..y

good luck boys

I'm not englishmaan but you pr... smart people.


Woers rgrds (yeaaa.. its hstory)

I fra''n mexico