Tuesday 15 December 2009

Fuck Em - They Are Only Poor and White

Lets keep funding extra school classes for black kids, English lesson for immigrants and translation services for immigrants - forget helping poor British white kids.

They are just chav subhuman scum any way arent they.

Who cares if they fail at school, their role in our multi-cultural society is to be the white slave labour for the ethnic middle class if they are males and sex slaves for Islamist paedophile gangs if they are white little girls anyway.


Poor white boys are falling further behind their classmates in their GCSE results, official figures showed today.

Less than a fifth (19.4 per cent) of white British boys eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) - a measure of poverty - were awarded at least five C grades, including English and maths, in their GCSEs this year.

In comparison more than half (51 per cent) of white British boys not eligible for the meals attained five A*-C grades, including the two core subjects - a gap of 31.6 percentage points.

This gap has widened from 29.8 percentage points in 2006.

And half (50.9 per cent) of teenagers overall achieved this standard in the summer - a gap of 31.5 percentage points.

This attainment gap has grown from 30.2 percentage points in 2006.

Today's figures, published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) give a breakdown of GCSE achievement by gender, ethnicity and eligibility for FSM.

The statistics show that all teenagers who are eligible for the free dinners are still far behind their richer classmates.

Just over a quarter (26.9 per cent) of pupils eligible for FSM scored at least five C grades, including English and maths, compared to 54.4 per cent of those not eligible for the meals.

This achievement gap of 27.5 percentage points, has narrowed slightly from 28.1 percentage points in 2006.

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Anonymous said...

This is due to bullying and intimidation in my opinion. The white boy signifies the slave owning forefathers, and masters of the British Empire.

Anonymous said...


right on Q

But i agree with Lee the young British white male is last the the Queue fort help and support, the 3rd world are more important for the ''liberal Marxist elite''

Anti-Globalist said...

I think the schooling is done in a way that does not appeal to white boys and that white boys are made to feel that they are going to be rejected in favour of women and non-whites in the workplace. They have no role models and many even follow Black "gangsta" rolemodels as they are presented as true "males". Subconsciously the white boys are rejecting the whole education process. The system has decided that Britain's elite will be Asian in the future. These people have the will and the doors are open for them.

Kratos said...

We should not sink low like the Zios who would have spit on these kids faces than educate them. It is down to our good ideals and fairness they enjoy their stay in our lands.

Just tell Zios to provide similar facilities and services to the blacks they imported from Ethiopia to guard their check points.