Friday 4 December 2009

Cops Need More Gun Training

For the interests of public safety I am putting up a Police Gun Criminal Identification Guide.

Image - gangbangers from the Crips gang, if they have guns they are likely to be real. Pull the trigger and dont stop until the clip runs out. Reload then shoot some more.

Image - monkey with a real gun. Unlikely to be a threat unless you are holding a banana and the monkey is hungry and the gun is loaded and the monkey knows how to shoot and also understands the concept of 'robbery'.

Image - real kid with fake gun. Unlikely to be a threat.

If the police are unable to tell the difference between a real gun and a toy gun, then they need re-training.

Toy guns are used by CHILDREN.

Most CHILDREN are not bank robbers of gun criminals.

Therefore shoot those people with REAL guns as opposed to TOY guns.

Its not bloody rocket science is it !

In fact parents need to be stop buying their kids toy guns for Christmas and take them to classes to be taught how to use real weapons such as shotguns and air rifles - as they will need to know how to use real guns to defend themselves in the future if our society keeps deteriorating.

If a 14 year old is stupid enough to carry a real weapon, then that 14 year old is grown up enough to take a bullet for doing so.

Gun cops have body armour and machine guns.

If they attend a call out where people have been shot then assume the weapons pulled on them are real.

Shoot whoever pulls a gun at that type of event.

If some idiot in the street points a gun at them and it goes bang, its a threat. Take the safety catch off.

If someone points a gun and it goes bang and a projectile leaves the barrel - then pull the trigger and drop them.

Its not rocket science is it ?

If people were allowed weapons in their own homes to be used against intruders then gun crime would drop, as the burglars were dropped.

Give the good people guns, then the evil people are the ones who are afraid.

Parents are being warned by police not to buy their children realistic looking toy guns this Christmas as it could lead to them being shot by armed marksmen.

Senior officers are becoming increasingly alarmed at the amount of calls they are responding to that involve young people innocently playing with imitation firearms.

Most children, parents and teachers are unaware of the risks generated by toy and imitation guns, officers say.

As well as children playing in the street, student film-makers have been warned about using fake guns in their productions.
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Essex firearms officers have so far been deployed to 900 incidents this year and a spokesman said that over 800 had involved imitation firearms including toys, the majority of which were being carried by teenagers.

Under a campaign headline of “Would You Buy A Toy That Could Kill Your Child?” PC Andy Wheddon, a firearms officer in Essex, said that he was concerned officers could shoot someone later found to be holding a toy gun.

“When we respond to such incidents we cannot always identify whether a gun is real or fake,” he said. “Carrying an imitation gun could ultimately result in a highly-trained armed officer having to challenge a teenager and so, naturally, we are worried.

“We have been deployed to nearly 900 firearms incidents so far this year, with a significant number involving replica or BB guns. This has to stop now.”

He added: “People are increasingly aware of the potential for firearms in our midst and, quite rightly, call us whenever they see something resembling a gun. Whether this gun is an air weapon, BB gun or genuine firearm, our response is the same.

“While they are legal to own, parents must ask themselves whether it’s really appropriate for children to have these guns. If they do, they must learn to use them responsibly. We cannot have situations where innocent members of the public are injured by missiles they or we fire.”

Several years ago the Toy Retailers Association worked with the Home Office to make sure that all legitimate toy stores only sold realistic looking weapons in flourescent colours, but black plastic guns can still be easily bought.

Under the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2007 it is an offence to manufacture, import or sell a realistic imitation firearm. This is defined in the Act as, “an imitation firearm which has an appearance that is so realistic as to make it indistinguishable, for all practical purposes, from a real firearm”.

However, imitation guns can be used as a film or television prop.

Superintendent Simon Williams, from Essex police, said: “The majority of children, teachers and parents are simply not aware of the issues and consequences of carrying around such items - they don’t realise the impact these so-called ‘toys’ have on our communities and on us.”

Armed officers across the country have been going into schools and youth clubs to warn children and teenagers of the dangers they face if they carry an imitation firearm.

Superintendent Andrew Tarrant, from the Metropolitan Police’s CO19 firearms unit said that because they get called to incidents involving replica guns they have started Operation Makepeace - trying to educate youngsters about the dangers of carrying replica firearms.
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“It is about telling them of the dangers of getting involved in guns and about the dangers of taking replica firearms onto the street. It is about prevention and education.”

Two months ago The Times highlighted the fact that a brand of replica gun being sold on the high street as a starting pistol was behind a surge in gangland shootings in London.

Olympic BBM 9mm revolvers, converted by criminals to fire real bullets, make up 40 per cent of the live-firing guns seized by the Metropolitan Police in the past year.

Despite being relatively easy to convert, the Olympic pistols are legally on sale in hunting, sports and outdoor shops across Britain for £80-90.

The Olympic BBM 9mm has become the “weapon of choice” for a new generation of gangsters who are now fighting it out for status and reputation in areas of Inner London.

At the point of sale, the Olympic is painted bright orange because the law states that imitation firearms must be made to look unrealistic. But gangsters simply paint them black.

Josie Appleton from the Manifesto Club, a civil liberties organisation, said the police should stop inventing social problems.

“I would have thought that the police would have an element of common sense and realise that when a child is playing with a gun it is probably not real and to check before firing, maybe by searching them.

“They are trained to deal with these things and should say ‘put the weapon down’.

“I think some of these police initiatives are a kneejerk response to phantom problems - they are maybe discovering social problems that aren’t there. I have not heard of this being of major public concern and until it is I think the police would be better off focusing on incidents of real gun crime.”

Lyn Costello, co-founder of Mothers Against Murder and Aggression, said that educating young people about the danger of guns should start at home.

“I think the day and age we live in we have to be very aware that perpetrators of violent crimes are getting younger and younger.

“I think we need to teach children about violence, it’s no good to blame the government we have to start in the home.

“On the one hand we feed children a diet of violence with their music, games and films that they watch but to let them run around with toy guns and knives is incredibly dangerous.

“Police have incredibly difficult jobs and last year a top police officer said it was only a matter of time before armed police shoot a child pointing a gun at them.

“Police cannot say ‘This is only a child’ when we have this week a 13-year-old stabbing someone. We have 14-year-olds pulling out real guns. It is going to happen.

“If a child is waving a toy gun around in the street police have no choice but to turn up with an armed response unit.”

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Since when did the Crips allow Apache Indians into their gang? Or did they abduct the geezer (with the long hair and shades) from the local reservation?

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yes it seems only criminals are allowed/have guns these days oh yes and cops...