Saturday 12 December 2009

The Red Pill

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extant said...

ooh, I just love the red pill; please Sir can I have some more :o)

Defender of Liberty said...

Only one or two a week I am afraid sir.

That way they always give greater pleasure.

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing is the number of rifles. His rifle, his father's rifle, his grandfather's rifle, his son's rifle, and, presumably, one day, his grandson's rifle, great grandson's rifle, and on and on. Such a people can never be conquered, never be defeated, never be enslaved.

Defender of Liberty said...


A family collection like the old days when fathers would pass on their swords to their sons.


Anonymous said...

It only works in a society that has not decended into depravity, and where propaganda has not reached epidemic proportions, and where a std of living is fairly high.

Otherwise you can end up with a murderous lawless society, with an ever increasing police state or no go areas, or a society which gives them up anyway under a propaganda corruption totalitarian driven regime.

This is what WILL happen in the US if they do not wake up and fast, Obama is trying to disarm the nation and probably will with enough propaganda forced on the dummies throats, after all most of the dummies bought the climate hoax, deadly Multiculturalism, they will buy into anything with enough indoctrination including invisible beings.

tyranies are often creeping, such as diluting the people with mass imagration, which can appear slow and creeping at first and then it is too late, they dominate the press feed you propaganda and close down debate by giving you one side of the argument and then the conclusion also and hence make you give up your rights with this powerful medium.

A truly free press free from monopolies and corruption is far more powerfull than the gun in this day of mass media which hypnotises entire populations.

Just look at all the morons still voting Labour!

so no i dont buy this argument at all, it is not guns that give them freedom or low crime but their wider culture.

the uk cities once had very low crime rates compared to the USA.

think about it!