Friday 11 December 2009

Degenerate Filthy Britain

We need to start executing criminals and save our nation from the slow death of depravity and degeneracy.

Boy of nine months sold for sex in Lambeth

Benedict Moore-Bridger Benedict Moore-Bridger
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Nine-month-old boy from south London was one of 5,000 children abused by sex rings in Britain last year, new figures today show.

The baby — believed to be one of the youngest child prostitution victims — was saved by social workers in Lambeth who also rescued a four-year-old girl who it was feared was also being sold for sex.

Other cases — found using a Freedom of Information request — were found in Hammersmith and Fulham, where two girls aged 14 and 15 and a 14-year-old boy were rescued.

Experts have warned the true scale of child prostitution is not known as many cases are recorded as “routine” sex abuse crimes.

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The Sentinel said...

OK, I've had enough!

Mobilise - Mass Action Now!

JPT said...

How can we as a nation/world put up with this?

alanorei said...

Here's a report related to this whole appalling subject from BBC Look North for the Northeast and Cumbria.

Warning Following Student Rapes.

Two victims were attacked. The police have warned about the vulnerability of women under the influence of alcohol.

An artist's impression of the attacker of the second victim has been released. (The police aren't linking the 2 attacks - yet.)

The second last line of the report, my emphases, says in typical BBC-speak what the artist's picture shouts out loud:

"Her attacker is described as being in his 30s with short afro style hair and very dark skin."

I think they mean he was black.

I also think the police need to warn about more than the dangers of alcohol.

Anonymous said...

It's an evil world, so please try and fit in.

Sad but true.

(PS - I know you don't like publishing my comments Lee and I don't know why, hopefully I ain;t too pessimistic for you. Living in the shit does have that effect on a man's psyche).

extant said...


I'm in ;o)