Sunday 27 December 2009

Zionist Jew Michael Howard / Hecht Attacks BNP

Image - " Hypocrisy is my stock in trade. As a Jewish Zionist I support the right of Israel to national self determination 100 %, but in Britain then the British people must serve the interests of the Zionist Network and anyone who dares say that the British people should have the same rights as the Israeli people, then I will define them as racists. Israel Uber Alles ! "

Michael 'Howard', whose real name is Michael Hecht whose grandfather was an Jewish illegal immigrant in this country has attacked the BNP.

He has played the race card as a Jew throughout his career, so therefore he gets it played back at him when required.

As a Zionist Jew, who supports Israel and its right as a nation to exclude and expel illegal immigrants, he attacks the BNP for wanting the same rights as Israel for Britain.

Whilst Israel must remain a 'jewish nation' according to Zionists like Hecht, those who say Britain must remain a British nation for the British people are called 'racists' by Zionists.

Whilst Jews are applauded for organising as an ethnic community in Britain, the indigenous British people are called racists when they do so.

Howard was the most corrupt Home Secretary in history, outdoing even David Blunkett, who signed a pardon for his drug dealing cousin after being bribed with £400,000.

A typical Tory Zionist scumbag.

Mr Howard insisted it was necessary to confront the ''appalling evil'' of the far right head on.

The Folkestone and Hythe MP told BBC Radio 4's World This Weekend: ''I think I am still the only party leader who went to Burnley and devoted an entire speech to confronting the BNP and saying we have really got to take them on and we have got to take their arguments on.

''I do not think we can afford to be complacent. There are one or two constituencies where they are said to be a potent threat.''

Asked whether the current party leaders were trying hard enough to tackle the danger, Mr Howard replied: ''I'm not sure that they have to the real extent that needs to be done.

''I think you have got to take them on, you have got to confront them and you have got to expose the appalling evil of their arguments.''


A convicted drug dealer claimed that he bribed former Home Secretary Michael Howard £400,000 to get an early release from prison, a court has heard.

By Caroline Gammell
Published: 8:12PM GMT 31 Oct 2008

Convicted drug dealer, John Haase, claims he bribed former Home Secretary Michael Howard £400,000 to get an early release from prison, Southwark Crown Court was told.

Convicted drug dealer, John Haase, claims he bribed former Home Secretary Michael Howard, pictured, £400,000 to get an early release from prison, Southwark Crown Court was told.

John Haase told Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle that he arranged the alleged payment through a relation of Conservative cabinet Minister, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Haase, 59, and his cousin Paul Bennett, 44, received a Royal Pardon in 1996 and were released 11 months into a 17 year sentence for smuggling heroin, jurors were told.

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Career criminals given Royal Pardon after bogus police tip-offs, court hears

It was always thought they were allowed out of jail because the pair had turned supergrass and passed on important information to the police.

But Haase allegedly told Mr Kilfoyle that he had paid large sums of money to the former Tory party leader and a customs official to secure their freedom, the court heard.

Both Haase and Bennett are currently on trial for perverting the course of justice, accused of duping the authorities by setting up fake gun and drugs caches in order to get an early release.

Giving evidence Mr Kilfoyle said Haase told him about the alleged scam in 2004 when he was in prison for another crime.

The MP said he met Haase twice in prison and obtained a signed statement going into detail about how the alleged plot worked.

According to the MP, Haase claimed he and Bennett bribed the then Home Secretary and Paul Cook, their customs informant handler.

Mr Kilfoyle said Haase told him that Mr Howard's relative collected the money - taken from Haase and Bennett's drugs money - from Haase's former home in Maiden Lane, Clubmoor in Liverpool.

Mr Kilfoyle said he did not want to believe the allegation about Mr Howard and did not ask any further questions because it would give the claim more credence.

Mr Kilfoyle said: "My concern at that stage was the role of Paul Cook.

"If there was a case to be looked at, it would be more credible simply because of his lowly-paid job, compared with Michael Howard, who would have so much to lose.

"I do not find it such an extraordinary proposition if there was a bribe involved in trying to get a gun in prison or trying to corrupt police or a customs officer."

The jury has already heard that Mr Cook was investigated and cleared both internally and by police, who brought no charges.

Trevor Burke QC, defending Haase, claimed his client spoke to Mr Kilfoyle only on a condition of confidentiality, because he thought the MP would be able to help him.

He suggested when Mr Kilfoyle wrote to Haase asking him to lift the confidentiality agreement, the politician said it would be "in your interests and mine".

Mr Kilfoyle replied: "I would always be explicit that while I can bring things to the attention of the authorities, I have no powers whatsoever.

"I was never anything other than honest about my position."

The court heard how Mr Kilfoyle was accompanied in 2004 by Sunday Mirror journalist Graham Johnson who taped Haase’s statement.

Mr Burke suggested that Mr Kilfoyle had known about the rumour involving Mr Howard before he spoke to Haase.

"He thought that was part of the story, whether investigating as a Labour MP with an election not far away, it was a dynamite story for an MP."

Mr Johnson replied: "At the time Peter Kilfoyle had been looking into this since 1996 and one of his motivations for doing it was John Haase and Paul Bennett had sold heroin in his constituency and that heroin had affected the community... the motivation was not purely political."

The barrister persisted: "Part of the motivation was that it was a Tory Home Secretary was accepting a bribe."

"Yes," agreed Mr Johnson. "But he didn’t say he was going to use this to bring down Michael Howard."

Haase and Bennett, of no fixed address, are accused of orchestrating the plot between October 1993 and August 1995.

They deny conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice as does Deborah Haase, 37, of Teynham Avenue, Knowsley village, and Sharon Knowles, 36, of Wadeson Road, Walton.

Deborah Haase also denies possessing illegal firearms and possessing illegal ammunition.


CONSERVATIVE leader Michael Howard revealed today that his grandfather may have entered the UK as an illegal immigrant.

Mr Howard’s father, Bernard Hecht, who came here in the 1930s, falsified details about his parents when he applied for British citizenship in 1947.

The Tory leader’s grandmother died in Auschwitz but at the time his grandfather was living in Lond
on. However his father, who Anglicised the family name after settling in Britain, claimed they both died in his native Romania. Mr Howard said: "I have speculated on the reason and I suppose one possibility is that my grandfather might have entered Britain unlawfully."

The Conservative leader, whose new hardline policies on immigration have attracted criticism, says the reason his father gave incorrect information will remain a mystery.

But he said: "As for my grandfather, there might have been some irregularities about his status."

Mr Howard decided to reveal the mystery after journalists began looking into his family background. The revelation follows his announcement of tough new immigration and asylum proposals that would see MPs set a limit on immigrants who would be selected through an Australian-style points system.

Although Nazism was on the rise in Europe when the Tory leader’s father came to Britain he was an economic migrant.

Mr Howard admitted he did not know if his grandfather would have been allowed in under his party’s immigration plans. "I cannot answer that. We have not yet worked out how the points system will operate," he said.


Adrian Peirson said...

Look, look over there, a nasty white man, he hates you migrants, he wants you dead, he's evil, I think we should all gang up together and attack him before he kills you and rapes your wives and your daughters and eats their pet puppies and kittens.

We know what you are up to Mr Howard, sorry Mr Hecht, time to pack your bags I think.

Didn't someone try this in Germany in the 30's.

Zionists declare War on Germany

The Sentinel said...

The Jewish Millibands are also illegal immigrants.
They fled Russia for Germany after their grandfather assisted Trotsky in "eliminating" Russians opposed to communism.
The Jew, Trotsky implemented the Jew, Stalins plans using the gulags and gas chambers invented by the Jew, Lenin.
They then fled Germany for Belgium, where they played the holocaust card and lost, then entered Britain, where they now continue their acts of Zionist genocide against all British, not just those opposed to communism.

Fuck the Zionist Jews!
We are sick of hearing about their beloved holocaust.
We are sick of hearing about nazis.
We are not nazis and this is the twenty first century!

Do you get it, British Jews?
Join us against our common enemies.
You are with us or you are with them.

Which is it?

Rijker said...

Ask Melanie Phillips about this ....
... and about her hatred of the BNP.
In fact email it to Mandelson, the Millibands et al. Tell them it will ALL come out now, and that their holocaust card is spent!

Anonymous said...

These are the people that the BNP is currently trying to suck up to. On the 'Green Arrow' site recently BNP members who criticise Jews and/or Israel were told by some clown calling himself 'Aussie Bob' that they weren't welcome in the party. Anyone with half a brain and half an eye open will know which group has been - and continues to be - the driving force behind multi-culturism and the destruction of the white countries of the world. If the BNP is not prepared to face up to that fact, then (a) they will change nothing, and will go nowhere (b) they will not continue to get my support or the support of many people that I know, including most of my family and friends.
Trying to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds is what our dishonest political parties have been doing for decades. Is this now to be the BNP's new policy?

ABriton said...

Howard is one of those who entered Britain illegally and changed their names to hide their past.

Bring it on, Howard!

Too much time has been wasted by posers.
The BNP must now confront all of the Zionist filth head on.
The marxist church and media too.
For fucks sake tell the public the truth and let's have a real fightback.
Failure to do so will be seen as cowardice and capitulation, and will not be forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hecht claimed in 2004 that his grandmother nearly died in the gas chamber three times in Auschwitz but the Germans ran out of gas!!
1. The claimed murder weapon in Auschwitz is Zyclon B the insectiside which is crystalline and was used in chambers with high ventillation to delouse clothes. In the alleged homicidal gas chamber it allegedly evaporated killing the victims.
2. in 1945 Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder made films about Dachau with shower heads and gas coming through them. This has been admittted to be nonsense and propaganda but still lies in the public imagination.
3. Jews were showered and deloused frequently to prevent typhus in all camps. This is probably what Mr Hecht's nan thinks was the gas chamber. Showers were unfortunately little known about amongst the yiddish population of Romania pre war.

Anyway she survived the "genocide" so Mr Howard can self righteously describe himself as the son of a holocaust victim .Interestingly Israel is going to make next week another claim for $1 billion from Germany. This will never end until the Germans have some balls and stand up to the occupying power. At least the Iraquis have some balls.

Anonymous said...

The manifest destiny ( G_d I love the ontological exceptionality of those wurds,) of the UK is as a multicultrually adulterated Noachide Nation amongst many.

The UN or 'United Noachides' is the public face of the real Global Government of the Sannhedrin which has its rotten core in Jerusalem.

The Zionist government of the UK is a satellite whose function is to police and exterminate any recalcitrant nationalist sentiments amongst the Dupes.

Adrian P said...

It is a difficult situation to explain, as soon as you start there will be accusations of Racism anti Semitism, let's not forget it is not the entire Jewsish faith, look at the above Website, look at Dr Horowitz and many many others like Aaron Russo who have stood up and risked their lives speaking out about what the Zionist elites are up to.

Is Barbara Streisand the enemy, Einstein, Murray Gell Mann, Richard Feynman, and let's not forget they have coopted many non Jews into this New World Order.

Maybe the best thing is to just details their plans, name names, including Blair, Bush, Obama, Sarkozy etc etc etc and label them not as Zionists, Illuminati, Communists, Socialist but as what they can be easily recognised as by all, Crooks, thirves and murderers.
Far easier to explain to the public. Those that want to explore the more intricate Historical details and alliances may do so.
Socialists, Communists ( which is just a Socialist in a hurry ) Zionist, Islamists, Nationalists, Christian Zionists.

Psychos. that just want to herd them into cities, have absolute control over food water, energy, money etc and enslave them under perpetual tyranny.

Maybe the BNP is right after all to Keep it simple for the masses.

Just call them Crooks, Murderers, thieves, International War Criminals, Deranged Psychopathic control freaks.

Wolfblood said...

The LibLabConKip's "religion-of-peace" -

The real, Zionist-backed Quilliam Foundation -

We hear that "British" laywyers have called for the arrest of Tzipi Livni, the Israeli politician, for being most patriotic in defending Israel against the Hamas in the offensive to stop the muslims firing rockets into Israel and blowing up buses of school children.
These "British" lawyers are of course the the LibLabConKip's Zionist "Friends of Israel", supported by the Board of Jewish Deputies.
Yesterday, Michael Howard, nee 'Hecht', the Zionist "Conservative", said that the LibLabConKip must confront the "apalling evil" of the BNP. That "apalling evil" being the efforts of the indigenous British, as represented by the BNP, to protect themselves from the genocidal program of the Zionist controlled LibLabConKip.

Will the BNP finally face down and expose those Jews who peddle their holocaust card, yet are the disciples of the architects of the deaths of hundreds of millions in the guise of "antifascism"?