Wednesday 9 December 2009


All across the UK Muslim paedophile gangs are grooming, raping and abusing white school girls.

I have written to the Equality Commission and asked for an investigation - they have refused.

The police say that the gangs are a problem for local forces and that they cannot order a national inquiry.

The government puts Muslim votes before white children.

Therefore the BNP demand that a Public Inquiry into Muslim paedophile gangs is laucnhed to ;

1) Investigate the actual numbers of these crimes

2) How widespread the gangs are

3) How many white children have been abused

4) To warn parents and children in communities where the gangs operate

5) To form a national policing unit to deal with the problem

6) To investigate failures of social services to protect these children - even when they are in care, as we know of a case of an 11 year old child becoming pregnant whilst in care

7) To create formal procedures with police and social services and schools to warn the authorities when people have suspicions about these gangs operating in the UK.

Even the charities like Dr. Barndardo's who are supposed to protect children are too gutless to talk about his issue because of political correctness.

The recent report by Dr. Barnardo's on the grooming of children by gangs for sex did not mention the ethnicity or religion of many of these gangs - Asian Muslims who target white children.

This Racist Grooming and Racist Rape of young white children must be hidden as political correctness requires society be terrorised by threat of being called Islamphobic.

The BNP will not be silent.

We will act to ensure this issue gets the attention it deserves.

Watch this pace.

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extant said...

Watch this space !!

Im fkn watching closely.

Anonymous said...

At least British Muslim convert Ericka Tazi, AKA "stupid fat white traitor pig", had her fake claim of Islamophobia thrown out today!


Adrian Peirson said...

To the public, this is not going on because the information is never presented to them, it does not matter if a few thousand know the truth or even a few hundred thousand, what matters is what the masses can be made to believe via the censored news and the distractions they put on to titilate them.
Like who is sleeping with who in the Big brother house.
This is why i think DVDs are important.
They wont believe it till they see it on the Telly.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we know we can rely on the £3.2 billion per year BBC to do their bit, in a silent, decent sort of way.

Utterly off-subject, but also directly connected, acording to the Telegraph,

"Racism among white supremacists is getting worse, John Denham to warn"

That's £5 million of the £20 million Prevent program being designated for white extremist.

Like, who's Country is this ?

Does Denham's comment mean, that all those that defended it in WW II (to name but one example) were white extremist as well ? The Gov't executed shell shocked soldiers for cowardice during WW I, presumably on the grounds that they were not extreme enough. Do they want loyalty or desertion ?

The BBC did however, briefly cover the Gov't now having to back up it's rhetoric with £5 million on the Today program, at ten past 6 excatly. The in-depth 3 minute 'report' starts at 6 : 07 am and 27 seconds. Given that the BNP and it's supporters, are constantly smeared as racist Nazi by Denham and his ilk, how much of the £5 million is going to the BNP, eh ? £00000.00 perhaps ? Thus proving that they know the Nazi smear is fake. Unlike the religion of peace's millions.

This is a very timely gift of an opportunity for the BNP. i.e. why £00000.00 for the Prevention of, I quote, "evil, Nazi racist" in the UK ?

If the Gov't's strategy is to Prevent an allagedly small minority of the UK Muslim community from being violent with millions, then surely the scourge of evil Nazi racism, must also be worth millions, not £00000.00. They can't have it both ways.

Every life form on this planet signs up to collective self preservation, or becomes lunch. So simple a concept, that even plants and bacteria understand it, but not the enlightened clever clogs middle class English types.

As Voltaire said,

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere"

Well, if the Gov't fails to offer the BNP a slice of the £5 miilion, they are conceding there is no dangerous threat from the BNP, and that they have been lying all along. Many chains could be broken in time for the G.E. But a 3 minute slot at ten past six in the morning is n't going to break many.


(can't post at BNP site because my computer locks up and freezes every visit.)

NoisySiamese said...

Hi Lee,

Report from Rotherham-Muslim men charged.

Please DIGG!

Adrian Peirson said...

Racism among white supremacists is getting worse'

Does he give any examples, I think what's happening here is they are realizing the British people are slowly realizing they are being exterminated in order to set up the EU and so they are turning the heat up so to speak on 'racism'
oooo racism is on the rise, we must be extra careful we don't become racist and maybe we better have a few more laws brought in.