Sunday 6 December 2009

Tory Toffs and Bring Back The Birch

I was most shocked to see Baron Bethell of Nothing British About the BNP having a pop at me about my demand to flog and then deport the benefit fiddling Somalian whore who stole £70,000 of tax payers money that could have been spent on the poor and disabled.

As an aristocrat, ex-public school boy and tory toff one would have thought that a bit of flogging was right up his street.

It appears that the Blue Baron is a bit of a wimp.

Corporal Punishment must be restored in our society along with capital punishment.

Prison doesnt work, we all know that.

When prisons are holiday camps that neither punish nor rehabilitate, then coporal punishment must be used as a coercive mechanism in society.

It is the fact we are a pathetic, mewling 'gentle democracy' to use the pathetic and insipid language of the Tory Toffs, that has destroyed our society.

Prison at the moment works only in relation to drug addicts who when in prison are unable to steal to fund their crime.

Prisons do not punish nor rehabilitate, and keeping drugs addicts in prison is costly, labour intensive and stupid.

Seeing as most crime is caused by drug addicts then we need a new form of preventive detention for such addicts in the community where they are supplied the drugs to get them out crime and are monitored in their own homes, which I have explained many times in relation to my demands for a reformed drugs policy.

The minute a drug addict under a community preventive order steals, uses illegal streets drugs or breaks the term of their order - they are then sent to prisons where they are subjected to hard labour, mandatory rehabilitation and weekly drugs tests.

The incentive for drug addicts not to steal to buy drugs nor sell drugs to buy drugs is that their drugs will be prescribed to them if they agree to abide by the terms of the order - and if they break that order just once then they go to prison.

In less than a year drug crime will plummet in the UK by around 95 %.

For contract killers, gangster killers, repeat paedophiles, convicted terrorists etc these must be executed after conviction, primarily to save money and protect society.

Professional non-violent criminals must also be housed in prison camps, not holiday camps disguised as prisons and forced to work in prison to pay for their families and restitution to their victims.

All forms of anti-social behaviour in our communities must be punished with floggings.

Bring back the birch.

Young people are not ashamed of being criminals, in fact they gain kudos from it.

Therefore in order to act as a deterrent then we must impose floggings, a return of the stocks and community punishments.

Before a young person gets caught in the cogs of the criminal justice system and then piped into prison, they must have an intervention with corporal punishment.

For instance - a 16 year old gets drunk and smashes a window in the street and attacks someone.

Normally they would either get taken off on a safari in Kenya or let off with a warning.

If they did that for about ten times they might eventually go to court and be given an tag and a curfew.

Having the tag makes them look like heroes to their peers, so they gain kudos from their crimes. If they persist in crimes they may eventually get sent to prison - but this prison will be a social workers holiday camp staffed by tarquins and mirandas who treat them as victims.

When they come out they gain kudos amongst their peers for being in prison, gain more of a reputation for having been in prison and also get to meet better criminals in prison who then teach them how to be better criminals = a new career criminal is born.

All this costs hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The answer is to intervene with a community punishment at the first offence and then corporal punishment at the time of the second offence.

If they are convicted of a similar offence after community punishment they should face ten strokes of the birch.

Offend again - make it twenty strokes of the birch and throw them in the stocks so that local people can throw rotten vegetables at them for a few hours.

Criminals stop committing crime only when they understand how it feels to be a victim, how it feels to be humiliated and how it feels to be unable to defend oneself.

It is this lack of 'reciprocated victimhood' that means criminals come to see themselves as somehow above the level of their victims.

Most criminals have only contempt for their victims and society, as they have been allowed to develop a mindset that they are 'strong', that their crimes gain them respect from their peers and that the punishment is a joke to them.

We must teach them that the punishment is harsh and painful, that society is far more powerful than them and devise punishments that are shameful and humiliating and that lower their status in the eyes of their peers so that they gain no kudos either from the crime nor the punishment.

A few private floggings where the victim is allowed to watch the criminal being flogged will change many criminals minds about retaining a career in crime.

A few public instances of the stocks for anti-social scumbags that terrorise communities will lower their status in the eyes of their peers and communities.

A few public work schemes where criminals on their first offence have to sweep the streets dressed in pink tutu's, pink wellington boots and wearing clown make up should make them feel stupid, humiliated and powerless - exactly as their victims felt.

That way they learn empathy and get no kudos from their peers whilst they are being laughed at by people.

Offend again - ten strokes of the birch.

Offend again twenty strokes and into the stocks.

Offend again - prison camps and hard labour.

I guarantee you that within three years anti-social crime will almost vanish.

Whilst we cull the serious criminals with executions at the top of the criminal hierarchy thereby deterring serious offenders, we also cut the numbers of repeat offenders by ensuring that young criminals are so traumatised by their experiences of involvement in criminality at the time of their first or second offence that they do not go on to re-offend.

That way we save them from a career as criminals, protect society and save money.

As we are also imposing new preventive detention laws on hard drugs addicts, who commit most theft and burglaries etc, then we also cut the numbers of crimes radically.

Its a Win / Win.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent and in parts most amusing article Lee i fully agree with you.

global lying said...

Get this on the main BNP site, the guy discredits the whole NWO.

come down from your ivory tower said...

Bethell's just upset that Fred Drainage's daughter took `his` seat!

Ask Bethel to leave his mansion and live in a council flat in inner manchester for a few weeks, or teach at a comprehensive school in Brixton for a month and watch Bethell cry like a girl for such policies.

As his powerless Euro fop party certainly haven't got ANY solutions.

In fact it was HIS party that created chav culture by distroying all hope in working class communities from the start with Thatcher.