Wednesday 30 December 2009

Ron Paul Attacked By Zionist AIPAC Slug

Rent-A-Zionist Jewish AIPAC supporter calls Ron Paul an anti-semite for pointing out that the airplane bomber stated to the police that he attacked the US as payback for the US jets bombing Yemen two weeks ago and that they are at war with us as we are over there.

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Adrian Peirson said...

For those who think that Barack Hussein Obama won the election, you may need to think again.
First an introduction to Congressman Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, A New hope for America
A New Hope

More on Ron Paul

Now Here's how the Controlled media Buried him.

The voting public can't vote for someone they don't know exists, or they have forgotten about, or whom they think might no longer be in the running because he's no longer shown, that's how censorship by omission works, Ron Paul was quietly sidelined so that the public only got to see the candidates 'THEY' owned, therfore giving the voting public the illusion of choice.

Controlled Media Censorship


Of course this sort of thing doesn't happen in Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

The race pimping mug just lost his credibility and undermined his racist cause.

Ron Paul made the guy look like an insane racist - job done.