Thursday 3 December 2009

Martin Smith of the UAF - britains Biggest Wanker

Martin Smith of the UAF - the biggest wanker in Britain.

If you look up the phrase 'four eyed useless wanker' in the dictionary you will find a picture of Martin Smith

Watch the video of Martin Smith of the UAF here at a Socialist Workers Party conference spitting on the Union Jack ;

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Wolfblood said...

who's the comedian? said...

This is a parody - right? a send up of the left - right?

What was the comedians name again?

He is a hilarious parody of the left, only he doesn't see it.
However we must feel some pity for him as it must be painful for him watching the left collapse before his very eyes while the BNP rise to ever greater victories.

Everyone point and laugh!

Anonymous said...

Is he as simple as he Looks ?

Looks like Clergy in a Cybelian marriage.

The UK appears to be overrun by Plonkers and Dropkicks

OrdinaryBloke said...

Is this guy a 6th Form Student Union rep? If so, then you could almost forgive him. He must be at least 40, does he dress like that so he can pick up 15 year old schoolgirls? This guy is so wrong on so many levels. Is that the calibre of your opponents? I'm not even a BNP supporter, but after seeing this prize buffoon, I might well become one.