Monday 28 December 2009

The airplane bomber and the Yemen Connection

Oh what a surprise the airport bomber has now been claimed by Al Qaeda of Yemen as working for them.

Just as the US needed an excuse for its bombing campaign in Yemen assisting the Saudi Arabians, along comes another Al CIA-Aeda 'bomber' who tries to blow up a plane.

The CIA must think we are stupid.

The bombers family and father did everything they could to warn the US authorities about his sons extremism.

He rang the US security services, contacted the British security authorities and the bomber was on a British banning list - yet the US and Dutch still let him through and get on the plane with a bomb.

How opportune for the US this attack, just in time to raise the 'hate and fear level' as the US are bombing Yemen.

And lo and behold who goes and claims responsibility, yep, Al CIA-aeda in Yemen.

Yet again Al CIA-Aeda has undertook another bombing campaign which can be used as a pretext for the US to bomb the crap out of another country.

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Anonymous said...

indeed lee, it made me think of the red pill post from the other day.

i also hear the mumbai situation was another cia agent as we predicted, i heard this on info wars but couldnt find the source.

the iran civil disorder smells cia too.

Anonymous said...

ukip anti nhs video series

Anonymous said...

There is none so blind as those that refuse to see!!!!
Good article Lee.


Adrian Peirson said...

Former Italian President admits to staging False flag events in order to manipulate public opinion.

Govt Staged Riots

Operation Gladio

More on Staged events