Thursday 10 December 2009

Why are so many Brits crawlers to Toffs ?

Can anyone explain why so many of the British people, and especially UKIP members, are crawlers, arselickers and grovellers and automatically respect any wanker just because they have a peerage ?

Just because you were the one sperm out of 20 million or so that managed to reach the egg after being ejaculated and inherited a title, usually from an ancestor who was either a kings whore or a kings genocidal murderous maniac lackey, does not mean you are automatically entitled to respect.

Respect anyone for who they are - not because of their class, money, inherited status or title or some stupid peerage.

Why are so many British people such idiots on this issue ?

Anyone have an idea.

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bluehorse9 said...

Because we are hardwired to respect a chain of authority up to a leader.

This is a useful and necessary trait in any properly run and organised culture.

British culture and society however, is rotten and corrupt.

We have been led to the edge of the abyss.

We must now deal with those who led us there, and return to where and how we should be, before we are able to embark on the path to our true destiny.

Tell the above to the people.
Explain to them exactly what has been done to them, and by whom.
Speak in terms the people understand.
Name the evil scum responsible.
What they have done can only be undone, and the true path re-gained, through the cleansing fire of retribution.

Anonymous said...

Because we, especially the English, have learned our lessons well. After 1066 William the Bastard's stormtroopers celebrated over the genocidal murder of the English, built their castles to control the country and brutally enforced their will on the English. 1000 years later we are still suffering the baleful effects of that conquest and have learned to show respect and obedience to their descendants. Over that 1000 years the Norman bastards built institutions that would keep them and their descendants in power for ever.