Tuesday 15 December 2009


Lifting its pig snout from a trough,
Filled with fresh blood and oil,
Capitalism reigns alone, triumphant,
All its enemies finally vanquished,
Dripping poison from its pointed fangs,
The nibs upon the politicians pens,
Dipped in the black ink of conspiracy,
That sign each traitorous treaty,
To transform our liberty into tyranny,
Its talons are tight upon our flesh,
And keep us in silent submission,
With their wars and lies and movies,
As vampires feed upon our Nation,
Slowly draining dry its hollow husk,
Till only ashes and bones remain,
Heaped upon the futures funeral pyre.

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Harry J said...

Shouldn't we differentiate between ordinary free trade capitalism and the type of monopoly capitalism/corporatism we currently have?

JPT said...

Hey - that's a picture of me your using!