Tuesday 15 December 2009

Berlusconi would kick your Guardian arses

Those whining maggot media journalist pussys make me sick.

They are lining up to attack Berlusconi - when he makes them look like shemale pussys.

Berlusconi is 73 years old.

He had two teeth knocked out, a broken nose, cuts and lost half a litre of blood - and yet the guy got out his car and went looking for the wanker that hit him with a metal object.


The ladyboys pussys in the British media and politics arent fit to lick his boots.

They would be seeing psychiatrists, on drugs and weeping and wailing to the media for the next decade if that had happened to them.

Berlusconi is a real Italian male.

I would put money on Berlusconi kicking the arse of the entire staff of the Guardian and Independent at the same time. And then shag all their birds afterwards.

A real man to respect, just like Sir Max Mosley.

Max Mosley is in his late sixties and shagged six prostitutes for six hours.

I may not like that sort of behaviour, but by god I can admire his stamina and virility.

If we had more Max Mosleys and Berlusconi's running things, and less laydboy pussys like David Milliband and his idiot placenta brother, Britain may become great again.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. I wouldn't even wish such a unsportsmanlike attack on Weyman Benett. Honest.

Anonymous said...

while he may be more manly than a room full of guardian self haters he is also a disgusting crooked shit.

so corrupt crooked shits are worthy people in politics Lee?

JPT said...

Hear hear!

Anti-Globalist said...

True, Berlusconi did react in an admirable way to his assualt. Sorry Lee, but you don't impress the (northern) ladies with that blog post! It is time for a revival of virtue. It is not un-masculine to be virtuous, even though the further you go from Scandinavia the more it is seen as admirable to be a scoundrel. Just as some men dislike women who are sluts, there are many women who do not go for the male version. Berlusconi and Mosley are sexual degenerates - even though I can see how the typical French or Italian would think they are cool.

Anonymous said...

This is the Berlusconi who is essentially a complete sex pest, going to parties of 17 year-old models he's never met before, giving them £4000 items of jewellery and offering to make them a minister. A man who wants to now have the power to annul corruption trials and reinstate his immunity from prosecution.

What a nice bloke eh?

zoomraker said...

Berlusconi has brought in legislation to make himself immune from prosecution for corruption.

Doesn't he deserve everything he gets?

Andraste said...

Berlusconi is no more corrupt than any other mainstream politician - only difference being is that he has a couple of billion.

Defender of Liberty said...

The natural role of the male in nature is to mate with as many females as possible - whilst our degenerate society has created sexualised females who mate solely for money, fame and gratification.

Berlusconi did nothing more than take what was offered.

If it werent on offer, he wouldnt be bale to take it would he.

Therefore the primary person at fault is not Berlusconi nor Mosley, it is the females who should know better.

Dirty old men are only dirty old men because some women let them be dirty old men.

I see the female in a civilised society as proud and moral enough to respect her own body and sexuality.

They dont though do they, and therefore dirty old men are able to be dirty old men.

Not all men are dirty old men.

But rich and powerful Alpha Males like Mosley and Berlusconi are both highly sexed and targted by promiscuous women because they are rich and powerful.

If women had more respect for themselves, and did not exploit men like Mosley and Berlusconi who are almost 'prisoners' of their own dominant Alpha Male sexuality, then they would not be put in such positions.

The victims here are the men whose strength is used against them by manipulative women, a classic case where the sexual and mental power of women triumphs over the physical strength of the male.

In terms of the Sex War then men are the weaker sex.

As for the swearing issue - here is a dare ;

Go and sit on any school bus in an inner city on any school day when it ends and listen to the kids and then talk to me about kids swearing.

I could tell you about things I have seen kids get up to on the school bus in Medway that would make you go into shock.

You know nothing about your kids until you see them on the school bus.

Its like The Lord of the Flies with I Pods, mobile phones and smelling of chips.

Anti-Globalist said...

Defender of Liberty - I like your last post. You agreed that Burlusconi and Mosley are far from admirable and that you would not want to act as they do. Also you agree that our society is falling fast with the bad example set by adults to children and the lack of discipline. That's exactly right! We should all be on our best behaviour. "Be pure, be vigilant, behave" as the character Torquemada said as his catch phrase in the 2000AD comic. And to quote Nietzsche "even when alone, never let yourself go" :)