Tuesday 15 December 2009

Climate Change Con Exposed

This is scandalous.

This single story exposes the entire 'climate change' agenda of the New World Order - global corporations are closing down factories and being paid by the EU, and by extension the British government who give the EU 6 Billion pounds per year, whilst they are re-opening the same factories in India in order to produce and sell the same goods they once used to make in Britain.

In other words the EU and government, in the name of climate change, pay corporations to close down British factories and British jobs.

The EU pays to dismantle the industrial base of Britain and throw British workers onto the dole in the name of climate change.

Climate change is the mechanism for the creation of a Global Corporate Fascist System which eradicates all national borders and all restrictions on the free flow of trade, goods, workers and wealth at the same time as it appropriates the common wealth of all nations.

The New World Order takes control of national economies, takes sovereign power from democratic national political systems, internationalises the national economy and removes all laws that protect national workers and national industries, demands the privatisation of all public services and allows the state to act only to support the free market and to actively and physically repress all forms of dissent.

The governments of national states, whose politicians are elected by the globalist media corporations, will though be giving billions in carbon tax credits for ; government grants for refitting industry / research grants for pro-climate change scientists and pro-climate change lobby groups / third world nations that they want to economically colonise via offshoring of British jobs and to companies such as Corus that close down British factories and sack British workers.

At the same time Britain and the US undertake geo-political strategic Energy Imperialism where they illegally invade sovereign nations such as Iraq and Afghanistan in order to wrest control of their national resources or for their geo-political imperatives, in the case of Iraq the oil and in the case of Afghanistan the energy transit sites from Eurasia for Eurasian energy supplies in order to bypass Russia and Iran and reach the West.

At the same time as this corporations are buying up vast chunks of farm land in Africa in order to produce and export agricultural goods into the West. This means the local indigenous peoples of those developing nations are unable to produce goods for themselves thereby causing famine, which then causes mass emmigration into the West where they are welcomed by the international corporations as cheap labour and cheap votes.

Nations like China arm and sponsor African regimes such as in Sudan and Zimbabwe in order to obtain oil, resources and lebensraum for Chinese workers. This also displaces more Africans into the West as they flee civil wars, famines and civil breakdown due to corruption eg Zimbabwe.

A New Great Game has begun for the New World Order.

The use of war in the pursuit of essential energy resources is not new in history - wars have been fought throughout the 20th century for oil and resources, but in the era of Peak Oil and leading to Islamo-Capitalism, the final phase of capitalism whereby the last remaining nations with oil reserves economically dominate the planet and thereby take over sovereign nation states via the stock market without firing a shot, means this will be a war of annihilation - of liberty, nations and the global environment.

The eras of Peak Oil and Eco-Conflict, Resource Wars and Eco-Migration has begun.

The tipping point of the convergence of catastrophies has begun.

The climate change methodology is clear - Carbon Tax Trading is the foundation of a new international trading system whereby all national control over national environments, economies, natural resources and financial systems come under the dominion of the global corporate fascist system whereby the interests of international corporations take precedence over nations and individuals.

Once the mechanism is in place, the databases will grow.

Sooner or later, as the computer technology increases, every transaction, every purchase and our every economic action is monitored and defined for us.

The idea of individual carbon rations has been aired for the UK, whereby our carbon footprint ration is awarded in any year and if we go over the limit we pay a fine or buy the credits from people who have not used their ration.

In other words if you have two foreign holidays in Bali a year you will either pay extra tax or buy spare rations from other people.

But this technology and level of surveillance will not be done to benefit the individual, but to benefit corporations and the internationalist system itself - for only by 'creating' a crisis such as man made climate, can they benefit from it.

The true agenda is now clear - this is the greatest corporate land grab in history.

Not content with economic domination they now want physical dominion over the entire planets natural resources and how they are used and sold.

The entire planet will become simply a market place for corporations to plunder, and no nations or people will be able to resist.


Could Corus Closure Have More to do With Carbon Credits?
December 14th, 2009 · No Comments

The loss of 1,700 jobs is always a tragedy although in the steel industry unfortunately not an unusual story. Nor did Tata’s Corus come in for a huge amount of blame when they announced this week that they were closing the three million ton per year merchant bar plant at Teesside in the UK after four long term clients failed to honor their commitments to take product from the plant earlier in the year. Corus tried manfully to keep the plant going, losing some $130m over the intervening 7 months since the original announcement was made regarding the contracts, according to Bloomberg.

But there is another story doing the rounds following an article in the Times that detailed the windfall $1bn benefit ArcelorMittal are said to have secured from the European Union after intense lobbying by them and their trade body Eurofer. Arcelor have been granted the rights to 20.8 million surplus carbon emission allowances given to it free by the EU. With the carbon price at over $21, they are worth about $440 million. But, with additional surplus allowances up to 2012 and an increased carbon price – expected to rise to over $45 – the company could have gained assets worth around $1.6 billion.

The next largest beneficiary of this largesse is none other than Corus, with ThyssenKrupp coming in third. The story suggests Corus stands to gain at the current carbon prices $165m and, with an increased carbon price and its additional allowances, the asset value of its cap and trade holdings could amount to over $600m. But that may not be the end of it. Closure of the plant will deliver further “savings” of over 6m tons of carbon dioxide, worth an additional $130 million per annum at current rates but around $330 million at expected market levels.

Meanwhile, producers like Arcelor and Corus are keen to build new production facilities in developing countries like India. New facilities are not only lower cost but under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism the producer is paid up to $50 a ton for each ton of carbon dioxide “saved” by building a new plant, while the company which owns them also gets paid $50 for each ton of carbon dioxide not produced in its European plant, for which read Redcar.

I am sure this was not the intention of the European Union when it first dreamed up the Cap and Trade scheme, but like most politically driven initiatives, once the politicians have nailed their colors to the mast they stubbornly refuse to change course or admit they could be wrong. One can’t blame Corus. If the above scenario is correct they are merely responding to the business environment the politicos in Brussels have created.

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Andraste said...

I highly recommend watching all videos on Youtube with Chris Horner - he has been everywhere since the whole Climategate story broke. He was on Alex Jones the other day:

Christopher Horner on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Insider Exposes Globalists Red Hot Lies on Global Warming:


He is also the author of:

Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed


Lacnunga said...

Please DIGG this article here:


Excellent article, Lee. I suggest the Liberal Left might want to read this piece and consider the implications of "Green Taxes" and "Carbon Tax Trading" on the Third World as well as on "their" First World..