Wednesday 2 December 2009

Ethnic Cleaning In the UK

In just one town in the UK over 30 homes have been attacked by gangs of Islamists seeking to ethnically cleanse non-Muslims from 'their' streets in order to control the territory they have colonised, impose Sharia law and then use the area as a base for terrorism ;

Although only 20 per cent of Luton's 200,000 population is Muslim, the figure in Bury Park is much higher. The area has its own madrassa (faith school), Islamic primary school and shops selling halal meat and Asian clothes.

While the overwhelming majority of Muslims lead decent, peaceful lives, there have been incidents which reveal tensions. When a Mecca Bingo Hall opened, its windows were smashed after some Muslims claimed the neon 'Mecca' sign insulted their religion because it associated the name of their holy city with gambling. Advertising hoardings featuring women deemed to be showing too much flesh have also been defaced.

Over the past 18 months or so, around 30 non-Muslim homes have been attacked. One white couple in their 80s had bricks hurled through their front window. A West Indian woman in her 70s was watching TV when a metal beer keg crashed through her bay window.

The culprits have never been caught, but the victims are in no doubt that they were targeted by a small group of religious extremists who want all non-Muslims out of Bury Park.

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"Although only 20 per cent of Luton's 200,000 population is Muslim..."