Tuesday 1 December 2009

Gibraltar and Nothing British About the BNP

Excellent comment on the British Democracy Forum about the Gibraltar issue here ;


What's extra ironic is that while they're getting all steamed up over Gibraltar, Lord Bethell and The Sun don't seem to care about the fact that in east London, where I live, there are, literally, Islamic flags flying over us. British sovereignty and culture has largely disapppeared and replaced by Islam in terms of the population, the schools, the businesses and the local council. I know many other areas of the UK are the same now. If you're so concerned about our sovereignty, why not tackle the actual loss of sovereignty and identity on our own doorstep, in our own capital city rather than sticking your head in the sand and concentrating on a hypothetical transfer of Gibraltar which is never going to happen? Of course, I'm sure Lord Bethell has never walked round this streets, and will never have to. So it's easier for him to concentrate his fake patriotism on these fake issues, to help him further his political career. Meanwhile, millions of British people are suffering because of the real loss of sovereignty that's happening - something that he and his party don't care about and won't do anything to halt.

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Anonymous said...

Nick never said it should go back to Spain anyway. The Sun twisting the truth again. All Islamic flags should be removed in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Good point that – they are jumping up and down over British sovereignty overseas whilst mainland Britain is quickly being overrun.

Out of touch, criminal hypocrites, that should not be in the positions they hold.

Adrian P said...

There was an incusion by the Spanish Navy off Gibralter, I remember Miliband being quoted as saying British Sovereignty is something we take very seriously ( I'm not making this up )

I wonder if they set this incursion up so they could then publically say to the Brtish people 'we take Sovereignty seriously' a bit like when they ordered British flags around Govt buildings etc to pacify the electorate about their country while it is signed away.
It's all a mass public brainwashing campaign....Look everything is ok, look there's a flag, see I told you everything was Ok.

Now go away and put your head back in the sand, that' essentially what they are doing with public statements like this, trying to appear like we still are a Sovereign nation, It's a psychological war, they are surrendering our Nation whilst making gestures that they are not.

Con artists and liars the Lot if them trouble is, millions fall for it and go back to sleep with Govt statements like these.